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Logo5FlatWho writes this blog?

Hi! My name is Angela Tague. I started this blog in August 2013 after I won a writing award and my inbox was filled with questions from writers each week. If that many people had questions about “making it as a writer”, I decided I should share my tips publicly. I live in Iowa with my husband, two large dogs and two turtles. Check out my Behind the Scenes blog post.

What is Web Writing Advice?

I started the Web Writing Advice blog to help other writers navigate this crazy career choice. I try to assist bloggers, journalists, marketing folks and PR pros who write online for a living. I tackle topics ranging from practical writing tips and content marketing trends to surviving as an entrepreneur.

Can I hire you to write a blog post for me?

Sure! I work with marketing, advertising and public relations firms to supply online content for their clients’ campaigns. I spend the majority of my days writing marketing content for magazines, newspapers, blogs and company websites.  For example, you’ll see my byline on the Tom’s of Maine Good Matters blog and Parenting‘s website quite often. I also write for print publications, such as Club Traveler magazine. (I’m the gal behind the photography column each month!) Click HERE to learn more about what I can do for you!

Do you do photography?

I’m a shutterbug at heart. I have a degree in journalism and mass communications with an emphasis on print media and news photography. I used to work full time as a staff photojournalist and still enjoy doing some editorial and product photography to accompany my articles. Sometimes I post about this on Facebook on my Angela’s Images page.

Have a specific question? Please connect with me on social media or email. All the links for these are on the contact page. Thanks! ~Angela






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