The Busiest Page on Your Writer Website Shouldn’t Be a Blog Post (And Three Tips to Drive Traffic to Pages That Convert Readers to Customers)

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The Busiest Page on Your Writer Website Shouldn't Be a Blog Post (And Three Tips to Drive Traffic to Pages That Convert Readers to Customers)

Behind the scenes, I’m a bit of a numbers nerd. I study charts, graphs and analytics related to my websites and social media.

How are people finding me? What do they like to read? How long are they staying on my pages?

So, you might be surprised to find out that when I pull the data from this website, I hope that I don’t see blog posts at the top of my pageview stats.

That’s not a typo.

I love sharing my secrets and ideas to becoming a better writer, building up a business and working in the content marketing space, but my website is also a lead generation tool to help me land my next writing contract.

I want to see my About, Contact and Portfolio pages rank as high as possible. Why? That means my audience might be looking to hire a writer, and they’re checking me out. The same goes for any business website without e-commerce pages or a shopping cart.

You ultimately want your visitors to become customers, right?

Drive Traffic to Pages That Convert Readers to Customers

  • End each blog post with a call to action that leads readers to a page you want them to see. For writers, it’s a portfolio, contact page or even e-books for sale. For an online retailer, point readers to an e-commerce page where they can buy a product related to your blog post topic. Sell software? Send readers to a demo page with a link to a free product trial.
  • Include a writer bio at the bottom of each blog post or in the margin of the page. Link to an About page where readers can learn more about you, your products or your services.
  • Ask your readers if they have a problem or concern. Instruct them to reach out to you for assistance via the Contact page. Be blunt. Offer your help!

Do you know which URL gets the most traffic on your website? After the home page and a popular blog post, my three most visited pages are my About, Contact and Email Tips. I count those views as wins!

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