10 Apps Every Content Creator Needs

Whether you’re a blogger, author, journalist, marketer or a content creator of all types, apps on mobile devices make life easier.

Whether you're a blogger, author, journalist, marketer or a content creator of all types, apps on mobile devices make life easier.
Whether you’re a blogger, author, journalist, marketer or a content creator of all types, apps on mobile devices make life easier.

They save time. Streamline processes. And, make it possible to catch up on work on-the-go.

After all, what else are you going to do while you’re stuck in that airport terminal or waiting for your appointment at the doctor’s office?

Us creative types are always having those “a ha” moments when we’re not behind the keyboard. So, you can either hope to jot down that fabulous headline you just thought of when you’re back at your desk in an hour, or turn to your digital device to take a few notes.

So, let’s get organized for the new year, shall we?

Make Digital Content Creation Easier With These 10 Apps

  1. Buffer
    You can’t be online 24-7. Use Buffer to pre-schedule posts to your social media accounts. I use this service for days off and when I’m on vacation to keep my web presence visible and to share helpful information with my audience.
  2. Tape a Call Pro
    My favorite phone interview sidekick is Tape a Call Pro. This voice recording app allows me to fully concentrate on the conversation while taking light notes. Later, I listen to the recording to write-up the notes. The audio can be emailed to yourself or sent to a transcription service too.
  3. Merriam Webster Dictionary
    We all know trusting spell check is a bad idea. It can’t pick up subtle spelling variations or meanings. For example, when you’re not sure if you should use “principal” or “principle” in a sentence, look it up quickly.
  4. Word Press
    If you host your own website on Word Press, there’s daily maintenance needs. So, why not tidy up small tasks on the go? I love this app to approve blog comments and send replies when I’m on the go.
  5. PayPal
    Many of my clients pay via PayPal. This app can alert you to incoming payments, allow you to transfer funds and check on past transactions. It’s like having a mobile app for your bank. Fantastic!
  6. Evernote
    Do you rely on a tattered old notebook to jot down notes, website URLs and random bits of information from the web that you want to save for later? It’s time to try Evernote. I have to be honest, I haven’t ventured into this app yet but everyone tells me it’s fabulous. I’m adding this to my to do list right now!
  7. Jott for iPhone
    Do you find yourself replying to emails way too often from your phone? Jott for iPhone lets you speak into the phone and the app translates your words into text. You can then send the document out as an email. This is perfect for hands-free communications.
  8. Google Calendar
    I would be lost without Google Calendar. I use it on my computer and cellphone to organize daily tasks ranging from when to clean out my email inbox and work on research to remembering deadlines and appointments. Having this scheduling tool available on my phone lets me stay on task even when I’m away from my desk.
  9. Dragon Dictation
    Are you fingers tired of typing? Speak into Dragon Dictation and give the keyboard a rest. This app is perfect for taking notes on the go so you don’t lose that million dollar idea. The app will turn your words into text notes which you can email to yourself or post directly to social media.
  10. Snapseed
    Is your cellphone your primary camera? Polish those pics before uploading them to your blog or social media feeds. Snapseed allows you to do basic edits like using creative filters and stylish frames to enhance the pictures before you share them with the masses.

Do you have a favorite mobile device app that you simply can’t imagine living without? Tell me about it in the comments below. I could use few new toys on my iPhone.

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