14 Freelance Writing Job Boards and Lists


14 Freelance Writing Job Boards and Lists

Where are the writing jobs? How do I get freelance writing projects? Who can I write online for?

I get asked these exact questions multiple times each week. The easy answer is: You have to look for them. They don’t magically appear on your desk each morning. Yes, getting into the freelance writing game takes a little time and effort, but it’s well worth it.

Today on the blog, I’m sharing a helpful list of resources that answer those questions. This post was last revised and updated on December 29, 2023.

So, let’s cut to the chase. I hope you find your next freelance writing gig after just a few clicks below.

Disclaimer: This post may contain affiliate links or advertisements. I earn a small commission if you click through them, which helps fund this website so I can continue to bring you amazing content. All opinions are my own.

14 Places to Find Freelance Writing Gigs

  1. Journalism Jobs: This website lists opportunities for both staff and freelance positions in newspapers, nonprofits, academia and digital media publications. Simply filter by keywords and location (including remote) to browse the writing job ads.
  2. Qwoted’s Job Board: I use Qwoted to find sources for my reported articles. As they expand and update the website, I’ve discovered they also offer a Jobs tab at the top of the page when you’re logged in to your account. You can browse by location (including remote) and publication name, or simply choose to filter the results by most recent. These listings include freelance/contract work, full-time and part-time job opportunities. The listings link you to the original job post, usually on the company website or social media.
  3. ProBlogger: Updated daily, site owner Darren Rowse posts content marketing, blogging and tech writing gigs. You can search by keywords, location and type of work, including freelance, contract, part-time or full-time.
  4. Contena: View daily updates from various writing job boards all in one spot to save time. On desktop, scroll down to the bottom of the landing page and click on “Writing Jobs”. This will take you to a list sorted by date added. You’ll need to set up an account on Contena to read the job descriptions.
  5. Indeed: Traditional job search sites DO cater to freelancers. Browse opportunities on Indeed by keyword and location. I like that you can also search by company name (to see if your fav is hiring!) and also filter by pay rate!
  6. Freelance Framework: Freelance writer Chris Bibey offers a newsletter featuring freelance writing gigs. He’s also very active on LinkedIn, which is where I learned about this freelance jobs list. During the week, he offers a daily email featuring writing projects posted within the past 24-hours. He also shares lists of publications that are open to pitches and other online resources for freelance writers.
  7. Monster: This famous job-searching site also helps contract workers. Type “freelance” or “work-from-home” in the search box to get started. You can read job listings without making an account, and sign up for email alerts when new jobs are posted in your search parameters.
  8. Blogging Pro: Blogging and copywriting jobs are posted with clear labels about location (mostly remote), position and company. you don’t need to sign up for a login to access the full job listing details. you can also sign up for an email list to get job opportunities in your inbox.
  9. FlexJobs: This is the ultimate freelance job database, especially if you’re looking for more than writing jobs. You do have to sign-up for a paid membership to see the full job listings and details.
  10. Freelance Flow: Freelancer Brianna curates freelance job posts and packages them up to email out to her newsletter subscribers Monday through Thursday each week. She also re-posts job opps on LinkedIn on the Freelance Flow account. I haven’t used this service, but she reached out to me on LinkedIn, so I’m happy to give her service a mention here!
  11. Simply Hired: Search by category or keywords on this sleek, easy-to-maneuver website. You don’t need to login to see the full job ads.
  12. All Freelance Writing: This job board is listed by date and includes pay rates. You can also sign up for job leads via email.
  13. Freelance Writing: I enjoy this site’s daily email newsletter filled with links to writing jobs. On the website you can also browse open positions. I like that this site shares pay rate details (when available) so you can easily qualify if the gig is worth pursuing.
  14. Write At Home: I joined Alasdair’s twice-weekly, email-based freelance journalist and writer jobs subscriber list in 2023. He sends out a curated list of home-based/remote jobs for writers across the globe. The listings are shared with USD and Euro payment details. There’s a free version of his email list and a paid, expanded version with more job listings. The listing focuses on freelance journalism projects, ongoing journalism openings, content writing positions, copywriting gigs and blogging opportunities.

Finally, if you have a dream client you’d love to work for, let them know. Reach out on social media or email the editor and ask if they’re currently working with freelance writers and accepting pitches. Tell them what YOU can do for them. Sometimes it truly is that easy to land a writing gig!

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Note:  This blog post was originally written in January 2016. This post was last updated on December 29, 2023.





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