18 Content Creation Tips for Content Marketing Writers

18 Content Creation Tips for Content Marketing Writers #WebWritingAdvice

In a world of perpetual content and 24/7 platforms, our time and attention are shrinking. Concise writing online is critical.

Over the past year I’ve gleaned a writing tip or two from the content strategists, marketers, content creators and editors in my circle. Here are my top 18 content marketing writing takeaways.

Get Inspired to Write in 3…2…1

  1. Express empathy. Connect with your audience through their emotions, concerns and joys.
  2. Show personality. Integrate your style and tone into your writing to differentiate yourself from the ocean of content creators.
  3. Be bold. Write a headline, introductory sentence or subheadings with emotional, feeling words.
  4. Tell stories. Share anecdotes to make your writing topic alive and relatable.
  5. Edit more. Cut the fluff to make statements stronger.
  6. Do research. Make an impact by sharing stats, insights and quotes from reliable sources.
  7. Share ideas. Pitch what you want to write to the publications you admire.
  8. Support others. Start discussions with the authors who inspire you.
  9. Practice often. Stay sharp by creating daily, even if it’s a simple mind map or noting a topic to explore.
  10. Set a schedule. Organize your writing tasks and stick to a process to complete your projects on time.
  11. Connect with clients. Chat on social media and via email after the content has published.
  12. Stay focused. Adhere to your client’s guidelines and needs.
  13. Stop selling. Educate, inspire and inform with your content marketing writing. Sales will organically come later.
  14. Document experiences. Add pictures, screen shots and videos to boost the authenticity of your content.
  15. Write well. Focus on grammar, spelling and the fluidity of your writing.
  16. Dig deep. Write about tough topics and uncommon angles to rise above the rest.
  17. Listen more. Generate relevant writing topics from life experiences and conversations.
  18. Ask more. Reach out to the publications, websites and platforms you want to work with and learn how to get involved.

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