19 Reasons You Need to Hire a Journalist

Your website’s a mess. Your blog hasn’t been updated in weeks (maybe months?). You can hear crickets chirping on your social media feeds.

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Does your business blog look a little neglected? It’s OK to ask for help!! Why not hire a professional writer to boost your online presence? Photo credit: Flickr

And, your email newsletter? Oops! Did you forget you were doing that? It’s OK.

Your business needs help.

You need to hire a journalist to get back on track and become relevant to your audience. Wouldn’t it be nice to have someone you could turn to when you have a great idea but no time to write it up?

Over the last several months, I’ve noticed many businesses and marketing companies turning to journalists to help them get a leg up on their content needs.

If you thought journalists only pounded the pavement for the local newspaper or television station, think again. As the media evolves to include more online opportunities, many journalists are finding themselves looking for work on the Internet.

So, why not put their skills to work for you?

I’m a former print media features writer and photojournalist. Over five years ago I traded my newsroom desk, heavy camera bag and long hours for the dream (um, hope!) of working on contract from a home office.

Now I’m doing it daily and even have clients asking if I have any former journo friends to recommend to them. Here’s why!

19 Reasons to Hire a Journalist to Write for You

  1. We work on deadline without hesitation. It’s in our blood.
  2. We love meeting daily — heck, hourly — goals.
  3. Every fact, name spelling and number is double checked.
  4. We know AP Style and how to use serial commas.
  5. Following a set of writing guidelines is expected and appreciated.
  6. Give us a word count and we can write to it.
  7. Tell us a tip or fact and let us develop it into a full story.
  8. We enjoy research, interviewing and fact-finding.
  9. Collaborating with others is second nature.
  10. We often have established contacts and resources to call on.
  11. Journalists are active on social media and will likely share your blog posts.
  12. We actually like to write. Really, we do.
  13. Communications between your contacts and the journalist will be professional.
  14. We can help you formulate topics and ideas for your blog or website text.
  15. Setting up interviews is a piece of cake.
  16. Finding multiple new ways to convey your message is part of the job.
  17. We can put a fresh spin on almost any topic.
  18. We expect our words to be edited and refined, and don’t get upset by the process.
  19. We understand this is a job, not a hobby, that commands professionalism.

If your company is struggling to keep your blog (or a client’s blog) updated or your social media feeds populated with insightful, engaging content, hire a journalist. We get work done!

(Note to my freelance writer friends: If you haven’t looked into brand journalism work with companies, you’re missing out! I explain what this is HERE.)

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