3 Reasons AI Won’t Replace My Writing Career

3 Reasons AI Won't Replace My Writing Career

For the last month or so, every time I’ve browsed LinkedIn, scanned a newsletter in my email or joined an online Twitter chat, the topic of artificial intelligence (AI) pops up.

It’s a sizzling hot topic.

With the launch of ChatGPT and other similar artificial intelligence content creation programs, it’s not surprising creatives of all types are giving the technology a whirl.

I just watched an AI-generated music video for an old Black Sabbath song that was entertaining, but blatantly based on keyword matches for imagery and not the song’s deeper political messaging.

I paused.

The video was visually interesting, but not meaningful, authentic or memorable. And that’s exactly why I’m not too worried about some AI program taking over my career as a writer.

There are some things technology simply can’t do.

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1. AI Can’t Follow My Narrative

Many of my readers have followed my journey for years. I write candidly about my health challenges, growing my writing business and a bit of everything in between. The daily life snippets I share with an ongoing storyline from week to week and the anecdotal references to past situations (and blog posts) simply can’t be generated by AI software.

2. AI Can’t Express My Emotions

Years ago when I wrote about managing rheumatoid arthritis for Everyday Health magazine, I went deep. I chatted about feelings, fears, triumphs and wins. I not only shared health facts, but also the emotions tied to them and how they affected me in a very real way. I haven’t seen any AI content that can connect me with the author with that raw, emotional capacity.

3. AI Can’t Tell My Story

Yes, AI can source supporting facts, definitions and information, but it will never be able to document my heartfelt experience. Those opening paragraphs that dive into a storytelling scenario that only I have experienced will always originate from my brain before landing on the keyboard. No software can share those lived missives.

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I Don’t Hate AI, It’s Actually Helpful

Over the past year, I’ve had a few content marketing clients come to me with “rough drafts” that needed polishing. I could tell they were AI-generated. My job as a HUMAN writer was to add some personality, increase the conversational tone and of course, double-check all the facts and back them up with sources.

The AI content wasn’t bad.

It was like dry, straightforward textbook material that need some finessing. Re-working AI content actually reminds me of my clients who like to provide detailed writing outlines to follow when creating content to fit a specific rung on their buyer’s journey. Really, I just have to round out the information, make it flow well and be sure it targets their readership. Fun!

AI Isn’t going away, and that’s fine with me.

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2 Replies to “3 Reasons AI Won’t Replace My Writing Career”

  1. Agreed 100% Angela. I vibe with your note about the AI generated video not being meaningful, authentic or memorable. Ditto for AI writing. AI has no soul, heart, imagination, creativity or emotions. Humans do. Meaning, game over, in terms of fully AI-generated content actually allowing writers and bloggers to make strides.


    1. Hey, Ryan! Thanks so much for stopping by and sharing your take on this, too. I feel human editing and emotion-adding will always be necessary for AI-generated writing. #JobSecurity

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