3 Reasons to Outsource to a Freelance Writer

3 Reasons to Outsource to a Freelance Writer

Writing isn’t a one-size-fits-all task. Sometimes you or your co-worker aren’t the best people to write the content needed. Enter, freelance writers.

We’re a tough bunch with topic specialties, flexible schedules and rock-solid ethics because, really, our reputations and income depend on it.

You know you need to delegate more, so do it. Here are three instances when it’s beneficial to get that writing task off your plate.

1. The Topic is Uncommon

Sure your staff is talented, but does the writer on the team have extensive, long-term knowledge in the subject being tackled? Consider hiring a freelance writer who is a subject-matter expert (SME), especially if it’s a complex or niche topic.

You’ll save time and headaches by collaborating with a writer who deals with that subject effortlessly. You’re not only hiring them for their writing talents, you’re also tapping into their backlog of experience and education.

For example, I’m often contacted to write about chronic health conditions, since I have multiple and managing them is part of my daily life. I bring first-person experience and insight to the text, making it relatable for readers who face similar issues.

2. Your Calendar is Booked Solid

A staffer usually juggles multiple duties and projects, making writing this particular piece a secondary task (at best). The writing will get added to a to-do list and tackled when time allows.

If you need something written ASAP, a freelancer with a gap in their schedule or availability during your project timeline can often turn around your content faster than someone in-house.

Tip for writers: Keep a small chunk of time open in your weekly schedule for last-minute projects. Tackling these urgent writing needs helps build relationships with your clients and pad the bank account. If you don’t book the spot, use it for editing, research or ideation.

3. You Don’t Enjoy this Type of Writing Task

It’s OK. Not all topics and writing projects are sexy and engaging. It took me a while to find the magic in crafting the perfect product descriptions or coming up with content calendar topics for bland service providers.

Hop on Twitter with the hashtag #writingopp and chat about your project. There will be a writer who finds it interesting.

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