4 Blog Posts that Provide Value for Your Readers

4 Blog Posts that Provide Value for Your ReadersDo you write for yourself or your audience?

I’m guessing when you’re doing client work, you think about what your readers and customers want. When you’re blogging for yourself, you probably write whatever inspires you to tackle the keyboard.


Last month I gave my 5-year-old foodie blog a makeover. It got a new name, URL and focus. I find myself writing whatever I want (a fresh change of pace from my daily work writing), but I still want to give my readers value when they visit the site.

Although it’s an online diary, or fun writing for myself, I find myself making sure each post fits into one (or more) of these categories. Why?

I always want my readers to come away with something to think about or to try.

Every Blog Post You Write Should Fit into

One of These Four Categories

1. Is the blog post helpful?
Many popular blog posts titles start with the phrase “How to”.  And, it’s no coincidence. It leads readers to an answer to a question.

The blog post is probably helpful.

We all need assistance, and Google is ready and waiting to serve up some articles that help solve our problems.

So, does the next blog post on your agenda offer tips, advice or instruction? Can you alter the topic just a bit to make the text more helpful for your readers?

2. Is the blog post insightful?
It’s always a good thing to make your readers stop and think about something in a new or way or with more depth.

Blog posts that are insightful make your audience come away from the post looking to learn more. Hopefully there are some related posts close by for them to read, or you have an offer that can help them take that next step. (Hello, sales funnel!)

An easy way to create an insightful post is to reflect on a book you’ve read, conference you’ve attended or podcast you’ve listened to — and give your take on the subject.

3. Is the blog post motivational?
I think sometimes it’s nice to read blog posts that are simply a pep talk. They are similar to glorified memes that we love to share on Facebook or quotes we retweet on Twitter.

We all like reading something that feels empowering or affirms our choices. So, why not write in that style? Boost your audience’s confidence. Give them power. Let them feel passion for a topic.

4. Is the blog post entertaining?
It feels good to write something silly on occasion. Blog posts that elicit a laugh, smile or “I’ve been there” response make readers realize you’re human and face the same issues as your colleagues.

Here’s proof. One of my most-read posts here on Web Writing Advice is “16 Things Not To Say to a Blogger“. I suppose misery loves company, right? It’s nice to know you’re not alone.

What do you think a blog post for should do for readers? I’d love to hear your insight on this topic! Comment below using your Facebook account, or visit me on Facebook at Web Writing Advice to chat!

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