4 Tips for Optimizing Social Media Posts

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You work tirelessly to optimize blog posts and static web pages. But, what about social media posts?

Do you just post links and witty updates?

Before scheduling your next Facebook update or Tweet, run through this simple optimization checklist to get more engagement on your social media feeds.

1. Text: All public social media feeds are searchable by Google. That means you should give your social updates as much attention as your blog posts and static website pages when it comes to optimizing the text for search. Incorporate keywords naturally into introductions about a link you’re sharing. I like to include an enticing tidbit from the article, or ask a question to try to drum up conversation.

4 Tips for Optimizing Social Media Posts

2. Keywords: Social media posts are a great place to use secondary keywords that might not have fit seamlessly into your blog post or article that you’re sharing. Explain why or how you wrote the piece, and incorporate those keywords into the explanation. Readers on social love to hear the inside scoop or behind-the-scenes details.

4 Tips for Optimizing Social Media Posts

3. Hashtags: Facebook, Twitter and Google+ all use hashtags to organize and make posts searchable. (LinkedIn does not use hashtags.) Try to add two or three relevant search terms to the bottom of each social media post to reach beyond your usual followers. When someone searches for a term in your post, they may become a new follower.

4 Tips for Optimizing Social Media Posts

4. Imagery: Photos, memes and infographics are easily digested, especially when someone is quickly scrolling through a news feed. Use some sort of imagery with every post, if possible. I find that personal photos (even selfies) get the most engagement. For example, if I show myself holding up a book that I’m reviewing, rather than just posting the book cover, I get more engagement on the post.

4 Tips for Optimizing Social Media Posts

Finally, if you really want to draw in an audience, post an original video, participate in Facebook Live or get into Periscope. Fans love to see, hear and connect with you through video. That’s something I plan to explore in the coming months!

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