4 Ways to Get More Freelance Writing Gigs in 2016

4 Ways to Get More Freelance Writing Gigs in 2016Never stop hustling if you want a consistent income as a freelance writer.

Lately I’ve been thinking about goals and plans for 2016. Since a few contracts are wrapping up at the close of this year, I’ve been stepping up my game to market my writing services. The old basket needs another egg or two. So, what have I been up to? A lot!

Here are 4 Ways You Can Find More Freelance Writing Gigs for 2016

1. Update your writing portfolios. If you work with content marketing agencies, a portfolio search and review is often a big part of getting found by new clients. Schedule time to add new article samples, update your writing preferences and make sure all the links work. Last week I updated a portfolio I created (and neglected) over two years ago and got a call to pitch for a new client the very next day. Coincidence?

2. Increase your social media presence.
Publishers and marketers are working through their 2016 content marketing budgets right now. So, you need to get on their radar and writer rosters. Tweet directly to companies you’d like to work with. Share posts from blogs you’d like to write for. Don’t be hesitant to ask a dream client if they are hiring any new writers for 2016. Your social media message might just hit their inbox at the perfect time.

3. Polish your website and blog. Nobody wants to hire a writer who doesn’t produce content for their own blog consistently or update their website. If you’ve slacked off this year, you still have time to push ahead into 2016 with a glowing, regularly-updated, shiny,  content writing sample. (Yes, that’s your website or blog.) Now, go attack those digital dust bunnies!

4. Reach out to past clients. It’s easier to get involved with an upcoming campaign for a past client than it is to get started with a new company. Think of your favorite projects from the past year, and send your contacts emails. Ask what they have coming up in 2016 and let them know you’re interested in working with them again.

How are you keeping your writing calendar full? Feel free to share your tips or questions below. You can comment using Facebook or the comment form. Thanks! Angela

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