5 Digital Spring Cleaning Tasks for Freelancers

If you haven’t looked at your Twitter bio since you signed up for an account, you’ve got some digital spring cleaning to do.

It’s OK. I do too. (LinkedIn, I’m eyeing you!)

Today I’m sharing a checklist of digital updates that should make it onto your calendar in the next month or so. Why? Your online presence deserves a little refreshing for the new year to accurately portray your services, skills and current endeavors.

Is it time to upload a new headshot across all platforms? Or, maybe you need to promote an updated website URL?

Social Media Bios

I’m amazed at how many abandoned social media bios I’ve come across lately. Authors teasing book launches from a year ago and links to defunct websites are less than impressive.

Scan your bios (yes, all of them) and see what you can update. Are you tackling a new writing niche this year? Have you set new goals? Could you include new hashtags? Did you change jobs?

People who want to hire you are looking at your social media bios. Make them snappy.

Online Writing Portfolios

I chat often on social media about updating my writing portfolios because I’ve heard more than once, from more than one community manager, that fresh writing samples are eye-catching. After all, who wants to hire a writer who doesn’t take the time to showcase the projects they’re tackling?

I make it a weekly habit to link recently published articles. Once you find a time slot that works for you, include it in your workflow to keep work flowing in!

Email Signature Lines

Open your work email account, go to the Settings section and carefully edit your email signature. Is everything accurate? Does it genuinely reflect your current aspirations? Do you need to include new ways to contact you, such as Slack or Calendly?

Reminder: Google+ is shutting down in 2019. I’ve already started removing links to that account from my online profiles and email signature. Can you remove any links to services you no longer use?

Website Static Pages

When you have an active blog on your website, it’s easy to forget about those hard-working site pages that might need a little spring cleaning. Is your landing page offer still valid and effective? Could your About page use an update? Can you add/delete any services or contact options?

If you’re an influencer, be sure to update your media kit and social followers numbers to most accurately reflect your current status.

Business-Focused Blog

Speaking of blogs, if you haven’t figured out a regular cadence for publishing, maybe this is the year you will go for it! A fresh new post on your business blog can help you catch the attention of an editor and snag project leads.

After all, your business blog showcases your writing skills, attention to detail, ability to meet a self-imposed deadline and come up with unique ideas regularly.

Have you been updating your online presence this month? Tell me where and why in the comments below. Let’s inspire each other to delete some digital cobwebs!

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