5 Reasons to Spend More Time On Google+

5 Reasons to Spend More Time On Google+

Social media isn’t just for wasting time.

If you’re a marketer, writer or small business owner, social media is a (mostly) free way to get your message out there.

Products. Services. Launches. Articles. Blogs. Websites.

Social media lets you tell the world anything.

Although I’m a fan of Facebook, and more than a little obsessed with Twitter, I also find heaps of value in using Google+. If you haven’t checked out your G+ feed since you opened your account, take a few minutes to log in today.

5 Reasons Google+ Rocks

  1. All posts on public Google+ pages are indexed by Google search engines. That means your posts can be found via Google search based on the keywords in the text. Everyone online (not just G+ users) have the chance to see your posts!
  2. You choose who sees your posts. Some social media services pick and choose who to send your posts to, which limits your reach and potential engagement. On Google+, you can make your posts public or send them to a specific circle of followers.
  3. Google+ profiles are like miniature resumes. As a writer, I can share links to several websites I’ve written for over the years and links to my other social media profiles — all on one easy-to-scan page.
  4. You get notifications consistently. On my Facebook business page, I don’t receive notifications when I receive replies to comments I make on pages other than my own. This can lead to missed opportunities to continue a conversation. On G+, you can sign up to get notifications for every type of interaction on your account.
  5. The Google+ mobile app mirrors desktop access. When I log into G+ on my cellphone, I can see all the people and businesses I follow, so I can comment and +1 on any post, not just my own, on the go!

So, which social media network is your favorite? Do you love Google+? What’s your favorite feature? Tell me in the comments below.

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Note: This post was updated on August 14, 2018.

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