5 Things Never to Include in Your Blog Pitch

5 Things Never to Include in Your Blog Pitch

I’ve been sorting through guest post proposals for Web Writing Advice. Wow. I’m a little surprised at the information people like to share when asked for a brief pitch and angle for a guest blog post. If you want your application for a writing opportunity to land in the recipient’s trash folder, just include one of these!

5 Things Never to Include in Your Blog Pitch

  1. Link to Your Affiliate Program
    I understand you’re trying to make money online, but double-dipping is a no-no, especially when the guidelines clearly outline that no affiliate links are allowed. Start your own blog and social media accounts to showcase affiliate links there if they’re your focus for online work.
  2. Link to a Spam Site
    I’m shocked at the number of people who tell me what links they’d like to embed in the text, and they point directly to an illegal, competing or unethical service. Um, no. I won’t work with you on a guest post opportunity. Period.
  3. Profile of Someone Other than Yourself
    One newbie writer had the nerve to use the name and profile information from a respected published author. I knew something was amiss when this professional writer couldn’t manage to compose a complete sentence in her email inquiry.
  4. Topics Unrelated to the Assignment
    If you’re applying for a writing opportunity that relates to cooking, would you pitch an idea about car repairs? Nope. Be sure your proposal actually fits the website topic and audience. If you haven’t read the publication you’re pitching, the person reviewing your application will know.
  5. Writing Samples You Didn’t Write
    Finally, don’t even dream of passing off someone else’s writing as your own. Yes, I’ve seen it done before.

If you want a website owner or editor to take notice of your writing, be honest with them. It’s really that simple. Explain your ideas, background and why you’re a good fit for the opportunity.

Have you been shocked by a writing application or proposal? I can’t be the only one! Tell me your craziest experience in the comments below!

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Update: As of 2017, I no longer accept guest posts for any of my websites. Please do not send me pitches. Thank you.

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