6 Focus-Boosting Intentions for Creative Professionals

6 Focus-Boosting Intentions for Creative Professionals

We’re knee-deep in a season of planning, refining and producing.

I like to keep my creativity flowing and focus sharp by choosing an intention, or a short phrase of positive guidance, for the day, week or month. This simple practice takes just a moment of your morning, informs your mindset and can truly help you reach your goals.

Intentions help us stay mindful of the bigger picture according to Rick Hanson, Ph.D., one of my favorite science-backed wellness authors. For us creatives, this is huge because we tend to get deflated when a hefty revision request pops in or our favorite sentence gets mangled by an editor. Although these are minor concerns in the grand scheme of our careers, they can throw us off our game.

Hanson says positive intentions “breathe inspiration and life into moral conduct”. And after all, we want to be treating ourselves the best we can, right? No more imposter syndrome or negative self-talk, friends.

Let’s set an intention together!

I am making progress.

You are moving forward. Each word you type, email you send or project you begin matter. Those baby steps lead you down a path to completion and accomplishment. Some days you may take fewer steps, and that’s ok. We all pause on our journeys to rest, reflect and recharge before moving forward. You are making progress.

I am doing important work.

Whether you’re creating for yourself or others, you’re the only one who can produce the work you do. It’s important for your personal wellness to celebrate and appreciate your skills. For some creatives, it’s also a career and critical puzzle piece in a greater picture. You are creating important work!

I am focused.

You are focusing on one task at a time and giving it your full attention. Close those extra tabs. Darken the second monitor. Put your gaze on the one task you need to complete today. Focus. The rest of your to-do list will wait and be better accomplished when you give each item its own dedicated moment. You are focused!

I am inspiring.

The work you do matters. The people who view your content, and come back to your feed or website do so for a reason. Likely, they are inspired. You’re educating and informing them. Or, maybe you’re creating a joyful respite in their day with a laugh or an intriguing insight. You are inspiring!

I am important.

Your voice is uniquely yours and worthy of being heard. Make. Do. Share. Create. It’s important for you to express yourself through your art to process your thoughts. For those of us who make a living with creativity, it also pays the bills, and that’s a big deal. You are important!

I am good at what I do.

You have moments of personal satisfaction in your creative pursuits. Feedback from colleagues, readers, friends and family solidifies your talents. Not sure? Share some witty writing, cool artwork, or an award you’ve received and enjoy the validations. Although, you don’t need any extra high-fives because you know you rock. You are good at what you do!

Do you use a guiding word or intention to shape your day? I’d love to hear more! Comment below or let’s connect on social media where I’m always chatting about the creative life.

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