6 Places to Find Freelance Writing Gigs

where to find freelance writing gigsYou’re looking for freelance writing gigs. You need online writing jobs now to pay the bills and keep your sanity.

I get it.

The first few years after leaving my last newspaper job, I was perpetually on the hunt for my next writing jobs too.

Now, I have a reliable flow of work from repeat clients and a steady writing career.

But, how did I find the best freelance jobs? Easy. They’re all online, and you can find them too.

6 Places to Find Writing jobs

1. Job Boards: Several writing websites host job boards or send out email blasts with current writing opportunities, including freelance writer positions. A few of my favorites include FreelanceWriting.com and Darren Rowse’s ProBlogger.

2. LinkedIn: This social media site lists jobs that fit your skills based on your profile. If you haven’t visited LinkedIn lately, do it! And be sure to join some conversations, where you can network with potential hiring managers and land part-time writing work.

3. Twitter: I love landing writing gigs from Twitter. Find your next project by searching these hashtags: #writingopp, #bloggerswanted, #journorequest, #write.

4. Agencies: If you enjoy doing content marketing work, consider partnering with a marketing agency. Google “content marketing agency” then visit their websites and look for information on how they work with writers. I personally love Skyword!

5. Databases: I used to browse JournalismJobs daily. You can filter by your location and keywords relating to the type of writing you do. There’s even a section for freelance work!

6. Traditional Job Searches: Whether you’re looking for a full-time staff position or freelance writer positions, don’t forget to browse career job sites. Here are a few blogging and writing jobs listed on Simply Hired, Career Builder and Monster.

So, where do you like to look for freelance writer positions and content writer jobs? Comment below!

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