6 Ways to Give Thanks to Your Writing Clients

6 Ways to Give Thanks to Your Writing Clients

They keep you busy, feed your creative soul — and let’s be honest — help you pay your bills.

So, why not take some time to give thanks to your favorite writing clients by helping them boost their visibility online and reach out to their audiences? Here’s how!

1. Promote content after publication.

After you’ve polished and submitted your work, the journey has just begun for that piece of content. Your client is likely following a marketing plan to roll out the information, but you can help them too. Personally share what you’ve written on your business-based social media accounts. I like to also incorporate links to articles I’ve written for clients into my personal blog posts. They direct new readers to my client’s website and serve as a resource for my readers. Win-win!

2. Share the company’s social media posts.

Behind the scenes, there are social media managers and marketing folks working to craft the perfect posts for Facebook, Pinterest and beyond. So, share the love and help them reach a wider audience by sharing, liking and commenting on those posts. After all, if the content you created is well-received, you’ll be the writer they want to hire for the next project.

3. Tag sources in your social posts.

Again, it’s all about creating more buzz and interest online for your client. I like to tag my sources and the client on Twitter posts to create an instant burst of social engagement. And, if your sources are proud of their inclusion in the piece, they’re likely to share the content out to their audiences too. This wider reach is exactly what makes your writing clients happy.

4. Email your sources when articles publish.

Many of the companies I work with send out notifications when an article publishes. As soon as I get this notice, and check the post, I let my sources know the post is live. I also encourage them to share it with their colleagues or audiences and to tag me on social media so I can engage with the post and help give them even more visibility. This interaction also pleases writing clients.

5. Meet or exceed holiday deadlines.

Everyone wants to take a little time off during the winter to visit with family and friends. And, to bake cookies. (Maybe that’s just me?) So, show your respect and appreciation for your clients by meeting your December deadlines. They’re likely working on tight turnarounds, so by holding up your end of the link in the content creation process, your clients can publish their articles and posts on time.

6. Offer to help with last-minute projects.

Finally, if you notice a lull in your writing schedule during the holidays, offer to take on extra work. While some clients pull back at the end of the year, others are plowing ahead to get a jump-start on 2016. If you have the bandwidth to work on a few extra projects, your writing clients will be incredibly thankful for your availability.

I hope you have a wonderful Thanksgiving and winter holiday season. Write on! ~Angela

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