7 Ways a Freelance Writer Can Reduce Your Content Marketing Headaches in 2020

7 Ways a Freelance Writer Can Reduce Your Content Marketing Headaches in 2020

You’re evaluating your marketing budget — again. Will this finally be the year that you bring on a team of freelance writers to ease your content creation backlog?

I sure hope so.

Guys and gals like me focus 100 percent of our time on crafting blog posts, landing pages, campaign messaging and other content types that speak directly to your audience to move them through your sales funnel.

We love what we do, and do it well.

If you’re still on the fence about bringing on a handful of contract workers to help round out your content marketing initiative, maybe I can sway you a bit.

This is why freelance content marketing writers rock.

  1. Writing is our core competency. Each day we work in words, review editorial guidelines and polish our skills. We want to play with sentence structure and browse a thesaurus. It’s what makes us happy.
  2. We want to write your projects. Others dread the task of writing, especially content related to their own business. More than once I’ve been hired to take a writing task off the plate of a content strategist, editorial director or marketing manager. And, I love it.
  3. We’re working for you because we want to. Since freelancers aren’t employees, any partnership you establish with us is intentional and purposeful. Remember: We pick and choose who we want to work with too.
  4. We can learn your specific style. Hand over your brand strategy and editorial guidelines and we will soak them up to customize your content and meet your exact needs. This process is innate to us, and exactly what you need if you want content that speaks directly to your audience.
  5. We work within your budget. Be honest and tell us where you’re at with your marketing budget. We will work with you to get as much done as possible. We can suggest the best ways to stretch those dollars further and make an impact. This isn’t our first rodeo!
  6. We are ready to work now. Content creation is our daily bread and butter. If you have a project that keeps getting put on the back burner, why not hire a freelancer to move your needs up to priority status? We can likely get you on the schedule within a few weeks.
  7. We bring pro skills to the table. From interviewing and researching, to crafting creative content, this is our job. For example, my background is in newspaper journalism. Would that skillset help you meet your content creation goals? Let’s chat!

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