70 Freelancers Share How They Get Writing Gigs and Fair Pay

70 Freelancers Share How They Get Writing Gigs and Fair Pay

A few weeks ago one of my freelance blogger buddies took on a huge project to help freelance writers.

Brent Jones asked 70 freelancers how they find writing gigs and ways they establish (and increase) their freelance writing rates. I was honored to share my ideas as one of the freelancers included in the roundup.

I also gained several tips by reading through the replies from the other 69 freelancers who took the time to share their expertise too. It was really eye opening to see how others approach the freelance lifestyle and make this business model work for them.

Hint: Networking is crucial!

“One of the biggest challenges new freelancers face is trying to figure out where to find work — not to mention overcoming the doubt that they will ever find enough work to replace their full-time, day job earnings. Well, having done just that myself in 2014, I know there is an abundance of work available online for freelancers of every variety, so I set out to collaborate with a team of freelancers — both rookies and veterans — to ascertain where they find the majority of their clients,” Jones explained to Web Writing Advice.

He went on to add, “What I discovered is that great ideas come from freelancers of all experience levels and income brackets. It was remarkable to see how varied the responses were, and I’m positive that anyone just getting started will have at least one or two “Aha!” moments as they read through my post. Unlike traditional jobs with weekly team meetings, coaching sessions, and on-the-job training, a work-at-home freelance career can be isolating, but it doesn’t have to be that way. Together, as a community of motivated freelancers, we can connect online to learn from each other. And that’s exactly what I set out to accomplish by compiling this expert roundup post.”

Now, the round-up is posted online! I wanted to make you get a chance to read through it too. You can view 70 Freelancers Reveal Their Best Source of New Business by clicking HERE. (Update: This post is no longer online. The author is now pursuing fiction writing and has a new website.)

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Note: This post was updated on June 7,  2018.

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  1. This is excellent, Angela!

    So grateful that you contributed to the roundup post I put together, and that you wrote about it here on your blog. This is great.

    It’s kinda fun to see myself quoted, too. LOL



    1. Thanks, Brent! I’m so thankful you put together such a helpful resource that speaks to both new and seasoned freelancers. Such a great project! Thanks for including me in the process! ~Angela

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