9 Ways Freelance Writers Make Money (Beyond Blog Posts)

Polished writing is in demand. Whether you’re offering your creative services, or looking to connect with a stellar wordsmith, ample opportunities for collaboration exist.

Today I’m digging into the types of writing that writers can take on above and beyond blog posts and articles. Sure, those texts form the core of the web writing world, but how else can writers make some cash, and content managers lighten their workloads?

9 Services Can Freelance Writers Can Offer

Both writers and hiring managers know a writing assignment often includes more than crafting the main body of text. Occasionally writers are commissioned to suggest a few headline options, photo captions, social media teasers and even text for accompanying graphics or charts. If it needs to be written, a writer can help.

1. Reports and White Papers

Often the next step beyond writing blog posts and online articles is diving into a more lengthy research project, such as a white paper or report. Some companies request these documents to share annual progress with investors or simply to record their business journey and survey results they’ve gathered.

2. Product Descriptions

If you’re focused on content marketing, product-based brands need flashy, captivating blurbs about the things they sell. These short texts can be challenging to craft, but often mean the difference between a ho-hum description that viewers pass over, or a well-written narrative that explains how the product will benefit the user.

3. Static Website Page Text

Homepages, about pages, location pages and contact pages are just the tip of the content creation needs of a company building a new website, or refreshing an outdated one. These static pages need to be concise and informative, since they’re the go-tos for inquisitive website browsers.

4. Video Scripts

Years ago I wrote travel content for a local video producer. He’d give me a shot list, and I’d weave the images together with colorful language about must-see tourist sites and notable historical markers in small midwestern towns. The conversational tone was then recorded by a voice-over actor, making my words truly come to life with careful enunciation and beautiful imagery.

5. Infographic Copy

You know those colorful charts and graphs you see with a few lines or short paragraphs of text? Someone writes those! It could be you. Several years ago I researched and crafted a set of bullet points to accompany cute sketches of dogs for a health-related infographic that a pet products brand distributed far and wide.

6. E-books and PDFs

If you love long-form content, e-books and PDFs should be on your content radar. They’re Incredible assets for brands to use with their sales team when moving potential customers through the sale funnel. And for writers, they’re a great long-term project to fill your writing calendar.

7. Social Media Copy

You know those quippy one or two lines you see on Facebook or Twitter? Sometimes those are written by a social media manager, other times, the writer of the article had  input. This can be a nice little add-on to a writer’s offerings, especially since they know the ins and outs of the article  and can highlight a juicy takeaway or summarize the purpose of the article, making readers want to click and engage.

8. Newsletters

Most businesses have an email subscriber list or snail mail newsletter they send out periodically. Snippets of updates, news and company information are carefully compiled, keeping readers informed of what’s new and coming up with the company. Whether they’re employee-facing or for consumers to browse, they’re a fun ongoing project for a freelance writer to tackle.

9. Formal Letters

Once I was hired to craft a formal letter for a CEO to distribute to his successful sales team. It was motivational and insightful with a heavy sprinkling of company stats and gratitude. It was a joy to write, and strengthened my business relationship with the company, while taking an item off his to-do list.

I think you can see where this list is going. If there’s text, a writer is behind it. If you’re looking for more freelance writing work, or just want to try something new, offer to tack on one of these as an added service, or inquire about upcoming writing needs. Let your client (or a publication you’d like to write for) know you offer a variety of writing styles beyond blog posts and articles.

If you hire writers, ask them what’s in their wheelhouse. You might be surprised to discover talents linger behind the screen that can easily flow from their keyboard, easing your content creation workload.

Do you need a reliable writer on your team? I collaborate with marketing and advertising agencies to create content for blog posts, web pages, social media and newsletters. Learn how I can help your clients HERE.

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