A Quick Lesson in Customer Service (250 Words)

A Quick Lesson in Customer Service (250 Words) #WebWritingAdvice

We all juggle multiple tasks daily. So, it doesn’t seem like much to pass by that email yet again that you should have replied to yesterday. Or, last week.

But, it could be costing you business.

A month ago I asked my friends for recommendations on local lawn care services. I need someone to help with the grass mowing and upcoming winter snow removal. I’m looking for regular, ongoing service, year round. In sales terms, I’m a good prospect!

I reached out to five local businesses for estimates. I contacted one of the big names in town and four smaller start-ups, because as a business-of-one, I like supporting entrepreneurs.

As the grass grew, I anxiously awaited my free estimates. Two of the businesses offered a simple web form and promised email replies. Another was contacted by text messaging and the other two with phone calls.

Out of five businesses, two replied to my inquiries and one has presented an estimate.

Let my experience be a lesson in how you treat your current and potential customers. They have choices and can take their business anywhere. Are you alienating paying customers by not responding to their messages?

As a freelance writer, I know I land more writing gigs by responding to emails from publishers and editors in a timely manner. If I don’t, they’ll go on to the next writer on their list and see if they are interested instead.

It’s a simple customer service lesson, but one well worth repeating. Prioritize lingering emails and follow-up phone calls if you want to grow your business.

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