A Reflection: Embracing the Free in Freelance

A Reflection: Embracing the Free in Freelance

Two weekends ago I causally tweeted about working a few hours on a Sunday morning to offset taking time off on the upcoming Monday for a medical appointment. It was no big deal. I do this sort of thing often as part of the ever-elusive work-life balance we seek and chat about often online.

But, here I am nine days later, still thinking about a reply to that tweet. The commenter mentioned he loved seeing people post about “time freedom” and that he longs for a little more time freedom.

Time freedom.

As a self-proclaimed lover of words, syntax, meaning and how we string words together I’ve been thinking about this phrase and all it encompasses. Of course, we’ve all heard the line that we trade our time for our paycheck, but have you ever thought about the idea that choosing when you trade your time for a paycheck is another level of freedom? Not being told when to punch the time clock or sit down at your desk is a next-level goal for many employees working toward a freelance career shift.

I often get asked WHY I choose to freelance, and I think time freedom is an overlooked perk that doesn’t get enough credit. My earlier example of working at a time that was convenient for me so I could go to an appointment at a time that was also beneficial to me, without the need to use PTO, lose out on income or miss the appointment altogether because I simply couldn’t make it is something to really be thankful for.

Time freedom.

Does the way you have your current days structured to allow you some level of time freedom? Do you have the flexibility to shift, adjust or manage how you work? If not, are there adjustments you can make to gain some time freedom? Does your employer offer remote work options? The option to work based on project completion/meeting task deadlines versus being on the clock during specific hours? These are a few things to consider discussing, especially if you work in a consulting role, part-time, in a position that doesn’t require collaboration from others or in a smaller office setting.

Time freedom.

If you are a freelancer too, or work with freelancers, how do you define time freedom? What does it look like to you? How does it benefit you and help you better balance your days? For me, time freedom allows me to check in with myself and prioritize my needs, whether it’s my physical health, work deadlines, mental health, my new puppy, my family or something else.

When wellness is at the forefront of my decision-making, there’s a solid foundation for everything else to be supported, and life simply flows more smoothly.

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