A Serving of Gratitude to Go With That Turkey

A Serving of Gratitude to Go With That Turkey

At least once a week I get asked why I spell out my writing and small business secrets on Web Writing Advice each week.

Well, why not?

It’s my way of giving back to the online community in some small way. I’m so incredibly thankful for the readers, clients, marketing agencies, media outlets, newspapers, magazines, editors and countless others who have given me a chance.

So, this blog is my way to give back.

If I can inspire a budding writer to flourish into a lean, mean blogging machine — I’d be thrilled.

Heck if I share an anecdote that makes someone have a good laugh or a tip that helps you get over writer’s block, I’d smile.

So thank YOU.

Thank you for reading, visiting and expressing your own creativity and insight through writing. Thank you for improving your craft. Thank you for being courageous enough to write publicly. (Or to even consider such a feat!)

I’m always open to learning what you’d like to know about the world of blogging, content marketing, brand journalism and writing online in general. Please reach out and tell me! Comment below. I’m also on Twitter (way too much) @AngelaTague. I might just address your ideas and concerns in an upcoming blog post.

Have a wonderful Thanksgiving!


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