A Sign It’s Time to Spring Clean My Blog and Make Website Updates

A Sign It's Time to Spring Clean My Blog and Make Website Updates

I spent the last half hour looking for a blog post — that I wrote — on THIS website. I know the topic and angle, but for the life of me, none of the keywords that are popping into my head are locating the piece.

I’m frustrated.

It’s time to do some spring cleaning around here. This will include updating keywords in old posts, removing outdated information, adding new resources and links where it makes sense and updating old CTAs.

The blog post I’m looking for is about people who see your posts on social media, but never stop to like, comment or share the post. However, they are keeping tabs on you and may even reach out to learn more in the future after diligently, quietly consuming (but not interacting) with your content.

What would you call them?

Lurkers? Watchers? Ghosts? Yeah, I’ve searched all of those terms and still can’t find the blog post I wrote about this. After I get this draft done, I will continue on my crusade and FIND that post. I know it exists among the 276 blog posts on this blog.

Update: Hello from future me! So, I just found the post. I actually wrote it on my other blog, Cupcakes and Yoga Pants. The post is called “A Love Note to My Closet Readers.” And the phrase? Closet readers. Let’s add that to the SEO list. OK, read on…

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Let’s Chat About Website Maintenance

Along with an annual spring cleaning comes routine website updates and maintenance.

Every few days I update my project availability listed on the home page. Each week I update plugins and broken links. On the first Thursday of each month I publish a new blog post.

Are you scheduling regular, ongoing time to update and refresh your site? Or did you build it and let it sit? Is it aging well? You might want to ask yourself:

  • Has my contact information changed, including email, social handles or phone numbers?
  • Have my services or products changed? Do I need to remove some? Add some?
  • Do I need to add updated samples of what I do or sell? Are they still relevant to the work I do?
  • Do my calls to action (CTAs) still lead readers where I want them to go?
  • Are my ads, affiliate partnerships and marketing integrations in alignment with my current goals?

Sit back and view your website as a whole from a reader’s perspective. Are you finding what you thought you would? Are you pleased? Are your questions answered? Are you engaged? Entertained? Enjoying the visit? What would make the experience better?

Here’s How to Update Your Website (and, More!)

Apparently, I enjoy spring cleaning and have written about this topic before. At least four times to be exact. I share actionable advice in the following blog posts:

5 Digital Spring Cleaning Tasks for Freelancers

I’m amazed at how many abandoned social media bios I’ve come across lately. Authors teasing book launches from a year ago and links to defunct websites are less than impressive.

I’m sharing a checklist of digital updates that should make it onto your calendar in the next month or so. Why? Your online presence deserves a little refreshing for the new year to accurately portray your services, skills and current endeavors.

Continue reading this post here.

4 Spring Cleaning Tips For Bloggers, Marketers and Journalists

The other day I stumbled upon a discovery that has been costing me business for weeks, or maybe months.

A link was broken on my online writing portfolio. Yikes! I was thankful that an editor sent me an email to let me know, and then asked for more details directly. But, how many prospective clients simply passed me by because they couldn’t get the contact information they were seeking?

Talk about a lead generation FAIL.

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3 Website Updates for Small Business Owners

When I first started this website, I used lots of royalty-free stock photographs. As the years go by, the sites hosting these photos have gone out of business (remember SXC.hu?) or publishing permissions have changed. This can lead to broken links and more importantly, unattributed photos that could land you in hot water with the artist for copyright or usage violations.

Last week I spent time updating the imagery on several posts with free graphics from Canva and photos I’ve snapped myself. Need more visuals on your website? Screenshots and embedded social media posts are also great options.

Continue reading this post here.

What Does Your Digital Presence Say About You?

It feels like each day the importance of having business-focused social media accounts, websites and blogs grows. These content marketing outlets can have a huge impact on the growth and stability of your business, whether you’re self-employed or working for a company.

So, what does your digital presence say about you? If you’re ready for some social media spring cleaning, I have a few ideas to share!

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So, how did you know it was time to spring clean your website? What made you pause and evaluate your pages, posts and overall feel of your website?

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Note: This post was last updated on May 17, 2022.



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