Are You Guilty of One-Sided Social Media Conversations? (150 words)

Are You Guilty of One-Sided Social Media Conversations? (150 words)

We don’t plan to exit a conversation early, but it happens.

We get busy, miss a social media notification and leave a reader with a comment or question hanging. It’s unfortunate.

I’m wondering why many public accounts for businesses post on social media and never engage in the conversation? Is it intentional? Or, lack of staffing?

Readers are left to banter back and forth answering one another’s questions. Although these actions can be helpful at a cursory level, they’re one-sided.

Often, I don’t see the original post creator hop into the conversation until there is a complaint or escalation in negative talk. Then they chime in to mitigate the situation.

Here’s my thought for this week: Are you creating one-sided conversations on the business-focused social media channels you manage? Are you missing out on opportunities build relationships, start conversations and learn more about the audience you’re creating content for daily?

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