Are You Hiring a Writer? Ask These 8 Questions

Are You Hiring a Writer? Ask These 8 QuestionsIs your company in need of a blogger or content writer? As you sift through a sea of LinkedIn profiles and online writing portfolios, take a moment to really think about what you want in a writer you’re working with.

Sure, everyone is going to put their best foot forward on an application.

Polished prose. Fancy awards. Klout scores. They’re all impressive.

But, when you have to count on this person to get the job done over and over again, you want to know you’re working with a professional. After you read their clips and browse their websites, ask yourself these additional questions:

  • If the writer has a blog, is it updated regularly? This shows consistency and dedication to their online presence. For a writer, a blog is almost like a writing sample for job applications.
  • Does the writer reply to comments on their blog and social media feeds with tact and professionalism? Would you be proud to have them represent your company with the tone they use online?
  • Does the writer have business social media accounts? Sure, you’re hiring the person to write, but will they also promote your content out to their audience after the article publishes? Scan their current posts to see if they’re sharing their writing.
  • Are the writer’s social media posts interesting, engaging and professional? Or, do they rant and bad mouth topics that could affect your company’s image or offend a client you work with?
  • Does the writer have a promotional website? If he is working to make a name for himself as a writer, he’s more likely to stick with a project and make a positive impression than say someone who dabbles in writing on occasion as a hobby.
  • Does the writer reply to emails in a timely manner? If it takes them three or four weekdays to get back to your initial inquires, will they be available to converse with you when you have a short deadline?
  • Can you find the writer in multiple places online? Look for a blog, website social media accounts and published bylines. If you Google their name and none of the online writing projects they say they’ve completed show up, that’s a big red flag.
  • Does the writer have a variety of experience? For example, hiring a former traditional media journalist to create marketing content might mean they have writing, photography, audio and video skills that you can leverage across several platforms.

What do you look for in a writer? Let’s chat in the comments below!

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