Are You More Than Your Avatar?

Are You More Than Your Avatar?
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We work online. So, most of our colleagues, clients and fans know us from our avatars. They might also know the name of your company, or recognize your logo.

But, do they know you?

Can they name your dog?

Do they know your favorite hobby?

I am so much more than my avatar. I’m trying to move beyond using my business social media accounts to simply promote my services as a writer.

I want people to get to know me, and hire me for being a charismatic person who fits into their marketing campaigns.

Last month I launched a new blog. It’s my personal after-hours playground for writing and photos that are posted just for fun. I chat about what’s going on with work, what I’ve made in the kitchen and share pictures of my dogs doing yoga with me.

It’s kind of what blogs used to be — an online diary of sorts. If people want to know more about me, they can look me up at Cupcakes and Yoga Pants.

I also strive to share personal updates on my business social media feeds. Why? I’m human, and clients like to know that I’m more than a byline or a reporter on the other end of an email. I’m a real human doing this writing thing day in and day out.

I think it’d be great if people knew me as Angela, an awesome content marketing writer and journalist who’s into yoga and has cute dogs!

When I engage with a business online, I want to see behind the scenes. Show me inside your factory. Post a selfie of who answers the questions on your business Facebook Page. Write a post about what’s happening today at the office. Take a candid snapshot of the CEO. Show and tell who you are. Be real.

So, how do you portray yourself online? Are you more than your avatar? Let’s chat in the comments below or on the Web Writing Advice Facebook page. See you online! ~Angela

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