Are You Working ‘On’ and ‘In’ Your Business?

Are You Working 'On' and 'In' Your Business?

When you’re a small business owner (hello, soloist friends!), there’s a lot to juggle. You’ve heard me talk about the many hats we wear as entrepreneurs, but have you ever looked at your schedule and examined how often you’re working in your business versus on your business?

Yes, there’s more to running a small business than doing the things that make you money and keep your business afloat. You also need to pay bills and market yourself.

Working ‘In’ Your Business

First, let’s get this out of the way. Working in your business is when you provide services or create products to sell. You’re actively doing what it is you do to earn an income. We all work in our businesses.

The concern pops up when that’s all you do.

Sometimes you need to work on your business, and I’m not talking about sending invoices or replying to business emails. It’s time to take your desk tasks one step further if you want to grow and nurture a thriving venture — and enjoy it.

Working ‘On’ Your Business

Big or small, every company should be thinking about its future, defining goals and evaluating current processes. What’s working? What isn’t? Working on your business is the continual process of polishing, transforming and improving your business as you move forward.

These deeper ideas are top of mind as I dig into my annual fall review of my business and goal-setting for the year ahead.

  • Am I meeting my previously set goals? Or, are they collecting dust?
  • What do I want my daily workflow to look like next year?
  • Am I happy with how things are operating at the moment?
  • What changes would help me enjoy my job more?
  • What are my customers and fans saying about my business, and do I like that?
  • Can I identify the business tasks with the smallest ROI and revise or remove them from my days?
  • Am I giving enough attention to the tasks that help me grow my business?
  • How do I define success? Am I working toward that?
  • What can I do to improve communication with my customers and colleagues?
  • Has my focus and purpose changed since I launched my business?
  • What can I do to stabilize my business for the years ahead?
  • What do I need to ignite personal and financial growth within my business?

Any of these questions could lead to insightful reflection and an overhaul of a portion of your business. After all, you decided to be the boss for a reason. Now, take control and make your business what you want.

Will you make time to work on your business this week? Or, will you stay buried under the tasks of working in your business?

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Note: This blog post was last updated on March 20, 2024.

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  1. Hi Angela,

    Really enjoyed reading this article. I totally agree on the fact that doing a business requires continuous review and improvisation with the ability to take risk to pivot according to market needs, if a business wants to survive for a long time. No doubt, these 12 questions that you’ve shared will definitely help formulating strategies for the same. Thanks for sharing.

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