Are Your Writing Tasks Opportunities or Obligations?

Are Your Writing Tasks Opportunities or Obligations?

You have a to-do list. It’s growing daily. When you look over the items you need to tackle, do you feel a sense of heaviness loom over you? Do you view your list items as chores?

Slightly shift your perception. What if you viewed each task as an opportunity rather than an obligation?

If you follow my health and healing journey on my personal blog, you’ll know that I’m exploring mindfulness more than ever. Little by little the calming thought processes that I’m adopting are spilling over into my work life, and really, it’s a good thing.

A Fresh, Positive Perspective

Let’s get back to that to-do list. I’m writing this on a Saturday morning. The house is quiet, laundry is tumbling and rain gently drops on my window. I just had a fleeting thought about being mindful of the days upcoming tasks rather than feeling weighted down by the things that have to get done today to meet my client’s deadlines.

It’s simply a shift in mindset.

Today I need to write first drafts for two marketing clients. I’m also working on end-of-month reports for September, updating my online writing portfolio and drafting questions for an upcoming interview. It’s a full day of work at my desk.

I could either approach today with:

  • anger that I’m working on the weekend
  • feelings of guilt because I have dirty dishes waiting for me
  • exhaustion from mentally ruminating about upcoming tasks

Or, I could look at today’s tasks as:

  • opportunities to educate or inspire others
  • the chance to have fun with words
  • the ability to generate income from a passion and help support my household
  • a way to help other businesses grow by assisting with content needs for their websites and publications
  • building my small business through practice and production

I’m choosing to take a positive mindset and know that the day will be productive and bring me joy because I’m looking at the benefits of each item on my agenda. Sure, I’d rather be watching Netflix and eating takeout food, but that creates a different level of enjoyment and will happen at the time it organically fits into my schedule. (Probably, tomorrow!)

It’s All Up to You

How will you view your to-do list today?

Will you have an open mind and think about each task individually and look for the positivity in completing that task? Or, will you grumble, giving less than your best, and stay mentally preoccupied with things you’d rather be doing?

You control your mindset, approach and thoughts. Choose happy!

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