Authenticity in Blogging: What Do You Like to Read?

Authenticity in Blogging: What Do You Like to Read?

Yesterday a guest on a podcast I was listening to while washing the dishes mentioned something so simple, yet so true.

The reason you have blog followers is because of you.

The two keywords in that statement are followers and you. Followers indicate a dedicated audience of people who have genuine interest in your topic and want to be part of your journey.

And you, well, you’re the centerpiece of your blog no matter what topic you write about. This “you” might be an individual or a brand.

Being The Authentic You

Although I interject life experiences and tips in my personal and marketing writing, I hesitate to get too deep into my struggles, even if they form the foundations for my topics.

For example, on Cupcakes and Yoga Pants I focus on educating and inspiring readers about living with autoimmunity. I hope to create a community of patients, caregivers and friends filled with respect for one another. However — truth bomb here — I often don’t feel comfortable talking about the daily, difficult details of chronic illness. I’d rather share overarching insights and ideas to help others.

It’s a positive approach that feels right to me, as a writer and advocate. But, I’m left wondering what my audience hope to see in my posts.

What Do Readers Want?

Do you personally feel more validated and supported as a reader when the author equally shares the positive and negative aspects of a topic? Does hearing about struggles make the triumphs more powerful? Does the representation of imperfections and difficult times make the author’s overall work more genuine?

Or, would you rather hear only about the actionable takeaways based on the culmination of their experiences? Would you prefer to bypass the uneasy discussions that often don’t have common resolutions and get straight to the lessons learned?

What do you expect and appreciate as a reader? I’m listening.

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2 Replies to “Authenticity in Blogging: What Do You Like to Read?”

  1. I prefer both positive and negative aspects, helps me relate to it more and shows if the solution would really work for me too.

    1. Hi Eugenie, Thanks for adding your insight here. You bring up a good point. Often readers are looking for active ideas and solutions for themselves, not just passively reading for research or enjoyment. Having that balance between positive and negative definitely helps someone make more informed choices. Thank you for bringing this up! ~Angela

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