B2E: Are You Writing in This Content Niche? What is B2E?

B2E: Are You Writing in This Content Niche?

Ahh, self-care is making its way into more content calendars.

And, I love it.

For the second time in the past few months, a new-to-me content marketing term has popped up amid content planning discussions with content strategists: B2E.

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What is B2E Content?

B2E stands for business-to-employee. It’s the big brother to B2C (business to customer/consumer) and B2B (business to business) communications.

At the heart of B2E content strategy is support. This content is created to directly speak to employees.

Business-to-employee content is designed to offer tips and advice regarding personal self-care, wellness routines and even shed light on employee perks and employer-sponsored benefits packages.

Magenta Associates, a creative consultancy in Canada, conducted a business leader survey that discovered the most important B2E comms revolve around the topics of health/wellbeing, communicating workplace changes and collaboration tips between dispersed teams.

Who is creating B2E content?

Any business with employees or contract workers who want to offer more support to their colleagues can tackle this content niche.

I’m learning that the two clients on my roster are creating portals on their websites that are accessible by employees. This makes it easy for them to browse the topics on work time, so they feel more supported, seen and cared about by their superiors.

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What I’ve Learned About Creating B2E Content

The topics I’ve been writing about include mental health, exercise, meditation, nutrition, pet care, relationship management and setting intentions. The articles are in-depth, actionable and go far beyond the newsletter snippets that dominated previous employee communications.

Since B2E content is a new-ish category that’s gaining momentum in the second half of 2022, I look forward to seeing how this grows and expands to be even more helpful for employees.

I have a hunch that the uptick in B2E content is stemming from the season of burnout and exhaustion we are all experiencing and hearing about as we move into the third winter of this pandemic.

Have you been tackling B2E projects for your content marketing clients? I’d love to hear your thoughts on this niche. Comment below!

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