Behind the Scenes: 16 Random Questions With Angela Tague

Behind the Scenes: 16 Random Questions With Angela Tague

Let’s get silly. Today I’m at  Skyword’s #Forward18 content marketing conference in Boston which means I’m meeting lots of new people and the curious cool ones will land here on my website.

Hello, there!

I thought it might be fun to go beyond the professional work history information you’ll find on my About page and in my social media profiles. These questions aren’t likely to come up while socializing, but would sure make great conversation starters! Enjoy!

1. What are you reading, not work-related?

I love thriller fiction and am working on an Andrew Gross novel right now called Eyes Wide Open.

2. If you could meet any writer, who would it be?

Edgar Allan Poe or Emily Dickinson. Both were eloquent, unabashed and a little warped. I love their creativity!

3. What’s your favorite non-domesticated animal?

Wombats. They’re native to Australia and run wild through the forests there. They look like giant potbellied pigs mated with hamsters.

Aerial yoga is fun too!

4. What type of yoga do you do?

Generally, hatha and gentle/therapeutic, but I love a good restorative yin class too!

5. Do you drink straight from the milk carton?

Nope. I’m afraid of the potential crusty stuff around the top.

6. What’s your favorite color?

Purple and blue.

7. What’s your favorite professional camera gear?

I’m a Canon girl all day long!

8. What’s the coolest work assignment you’ve tackled?

There have been many, but being in an open-door airplane and photographing the United States Army parachute team jumping out was pretty neat. I had to be strapped to the wall of the airplane for safety.

9. What’s your favorite midnight snack?

Super nachos dripping with guacamole, queso and lots of fresh veggies.

10. Have you ever kissed a pig?

Sure, lots of times. I’m an Iowa girl and used to have pot-bellied pigs as pets when I was a teenager. I’ve also kissed goats, chickens, horses, turtles, an iguana and many more critters.

11. What’s the best concert you’ve ever been too?

I’m a HUGE rock n’ roll fan, so there have been many shows. My top three would be Nine Inch Nails, Tool and Metallica.

12. Chocolate or vanilla?

I really love both!

13. How long have you been a vegetarian?

Since 1998. Wow, that’s 20 years this summer! I should celebrate with some tofu!

14. Where would your dream vacation take you?

I’d love to travel around Europe with my husband and see some old castles. We’d visit Ireland for sure and take in one of those huge 3-day outdoor heavy metal music festivals.

15. Coffee or tea?

Herbal tea only. I can’t have caffeine because it triggers an immune system response that could put me in the hospital.

16. Do you make wishes when blowing out birthday candles?

Of course! Who doesn’t believe in a little magic?

So, there you have it. This is probably the most random post on Web Writing Advice, but I thought it’d be a fun ice-breaker for the conference and a nice light-hearted post for summer.

Enjoy your day! ~ Angela

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