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Lately I’ve noticed a trend among my entrepreneur friends.

Many of them have the go-getter spirit, they formulate a business plan, have passion for their niche and open their doors for business.

Then, crickets.

Sales aren’t happening as fast and furious as they’d like and then their enthusiasm starts to wane.

So, they ask me:

Why isn’t anyone buying?
Why aren’t people finding me?
Why isn’t my website getting tons of views?
I offer a great service/product/thingamajig, right?

Then they ask how in the world I have a constant flow of business and am announcing new client contracts all the time on Twitter.

Here’s the big secret folks: I market myself daily. I’m constantly educating potential clients about my services, my techniques and what I can offer them as a journalist, content marketing writer and blogger.

Every. Single. Day.

So, what do I do? I blog. I interact on social media. I follow-up on emails. I do business lunches. I attend online webinars. I go to conferences. I hand out business cards. I say yes to interview requests and podcasts.

I put myself out there all the time because I never know what might turn into a writing gig. And, I just love talking about marketing, writing, journalism and the changing face of everything to do with the media. So, it’s really a win-win.

Here’s How to Get Started and Make a Change

First, every single person with a business should have a website that includes a blog. Why? It helps you establish credibility among your potential customers and brings sales leads to your door. Read more in 6 Quick Reasons Every Business Person Needs a Blog.

Not sure what to really put on a website or how to get started? Whether you’re a writer or have another small business venture, you can gain some wisdom from 10 Things to Know Before Starting a Writing Website.

Once you start that website and get a blog up and running, it’s good to reach out to experts to really show your audience you’re serious. You like to share the latest tips and research from top influencers in the market. But, how do you connect with these people? Easy! Check out Writers: Need Sources? Read These 3 PR Tips First

Now that you’re web savvy, get in on the influencer marketing game. If you offer a product or service, get your name out there on OTHER blogs and websites. Then, turn the tables and get related businesses to write guest posts for your blog. Learn more in What is Influencer Marketing?.

Finally, get noticed by being interesting and interactive on social media. Auto-posting your recent blog updates hour after hour isn’t a great way to build your audience. Instead, try the tips I mention in The Number One Way to Increase Social Media Engagement.

Once you get your name out there, become a trusted source in your field and build up an audience, the sales leads will come.

Why not share your two to three sentence sales pitch in the comments below and see if you can connect with other readers? Maybe even draw them back to your website or social media platform of choice? Go!

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2 Replies to “Blogging for Business and Sales Leads”

  1. So true about making the effort every day. I started reading your blog after hearing you on Phoebe Chongchua’s podcast. A focus on continuous improvement in small increments will bring results. Some patience and faith are required, but they make you grateful when the phone rings and you start cashing checks!

    1. Hi Joe, Thanks so much for commenting and following along on my blog. Much appreciated! Yes, I think what makes me so productive is the ability to break things down into small tasks and watch the effects accumulate over time. As long as you’re always working toward your next goal — you’re moving forward! And, yes, it’s great when the check shows up in the mail! Or, in PayPal! Have a great weekend! 🙂 ~Angela

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