Celebrating Achievements on Social Media For Personal and Professional Gain

Celebrating Achievements on Social Media For Personal and Professional Gain

Every single day I’m learning, creating and refining. That’s how I grow my business.

It’s some pretty tough work highlighted by long hours, inspired writing at odd hours of the day and lots of solo, nose-to-the-grindstone moments. Many entrepreneurs are in the same situation, and should be commended for their dedication.

I honestly feel none of us take enough time to give ourselves a pat on the back.

Initially, it may seem a little egotistical to tell others about our achievements, insights or awards, but these little moments of positivity may inspire others.

Really, it’s not all about you. Let me explain.

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Let’s Celebrate Small Business Wins

If you post something on your business social media page about being named Top Dog of your industry or launching a new product, people will often leave a congratulatory note or like the update.

What you don’t see behind the scenes is the motivation that you’ve likely instilled in others who share a similar journey, but aren’t quite as far down the path as you.

Think about how much you enjoy (and probably share) stories of positivity when you browse your Facebook feed. I know I do. They make you smile, feel good and have a little more optimism about humanity. When the story’s not about you, it’s much easier to support.

So, we all need to spin that thinking around and realize the personal and business benefits of voicing our achievements.

What Achievements Should I Highlight?

First, what achievements am I talking about? Think big, and small. Here are a few ideas that lend themselves to a glowing social media update:

  • Receiving a promotion at work
  • Earning a certification or degree
  • Getting a byline in a major publication
  • Completing your first year of work/volunteering/entrepreneurship
  • A public shout-out by a well-known person in your industry
  • Milestone work anniversaries or social media followers numbers
  • Publishing an e-book
  • Being a guest on a podcast, TV show or blog
  • Launching a new website
  • Completing a huge project
  • Shattering a goal
  • Winning an award
  • Re-branding your business
  • Opening a storefront

If an event seems important to you, I say go for it! Let your social media audience know and be proud. Accept those likes and positive comments!

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Personal Benefits of Sharing Your Wins

Even the most laid-back employee appreciates positive feedback from their peers. When people first get to know me in person, I’m pretty quiet. But online, I’m always chatty and involved.

When I get positive feedback on my accomplishments, it fuels my creative fire. I get motivated to reach for the next goal and do more. Knowing that others appreciate and respect what I do builds confidence and pushes me to try new things and be a better small businesswoman.

And that’s not all. The fanfare increases the visibility of my business.

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Sharing Grows Your Business

Celebrating your achievements on social media boosts engagement rates and post sharing by making your feed come alive with comments and likes. The interaction is appealing to anyone scoping you out, including potential customers, employers or clients.

Who doesn’t love seeing a business be incredibly active and involved with the public?

Your readers can learn more about you and discover your personality, all while seeing how hard-working and focused you are, based on the achievement you’re celebrating.

This translates into building credibility, and eventually, sales.

So, go ahead. Gloat a little. It’s good for you and your business.

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Note: This blog post was last updated on July 27, 2022.



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