Con Your Way Out of a Writing Rut

con your way out of a writing rut

We all get writer’s block on occasion. Since I work at the keyboard daily, it’s not uncommon to find me stepping away for a bit to think of the next great headline or lede for an article.

Hey, I’m human.

But, my favorite way to get energized and inspired to write, write, write is by attending a writing convention or conference. I know you’re thinking, “Oh, that sounds fun! Too bad I can’t afford a hotel stay and airline ticket right now.

Well, you don’t have to!

In this wonderful digital age, there’s many, many online conventions and conferences you can attend at no cost, while wearing slippers, tucked behind your laptop.

A few weeks ago I attended the Content Marketing Institute‘s online conference, Content TECH. It was a great way to network, socialize, learn new ideas and hobnob with others in the writing world.

Have you ever attended a writing conference or convention? Which one? Tell me about it in the comments below. I’m always looking for more great ways to fuel my passion for writing!

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Note: This post was updated on April 21, 2019.

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10 Replies to “Con Your Way Out of a Writing Rut”

  1. Our writers’ group in Omaha, Nebraska just had our 2nd annual conference. A tiny affair compared to any of the big names out there, it was still an inspiration, and also an unexpected delight (I was supposed to have moved to Japan already). In addition to the handful of speakers in person, we had three editors who connected to the conference via Skype and conducted interviews. I got some personal critique on my work, and made a couple connections to publishers.

    Stopped by for the A to Z challenge. Thanks for the encouragement.

    1. HI Dave! Thanks for visiting with the A to Z! Isn’t it wonderful to get together with like-minded people and get energized about the future? I love it! I’m glad you made some personal connections and enjoyed the conference! ~Angela

  2. I haven’t tried a conference or convention yet, but I’ve been looking for free online classes (social media, etc) to do “continuing education” each week. It’s been helpful so far.

    1. Excellent! With so many bloggers and writing coaches online offering free webinars and free ebooks, it’s easy to keep learning on a daily basis! I also set aside time for these “continuing education” options, because nobody knows it all! I love learning! ~Angela

    1. I usually find them on Twitter or in my email box. I sign up for many, many updates from blogs that I follow. When they host a free training, the invite comes right to my email inbox. It’s super convenient! I also search relevant hashtags on Twitter! ~Angela

  3. I have attended conferences put on by SCBWI (they’ve been exceptional learning and networking opportunities) but was unaware of no cost, remote conference options. Thanks for planting the seed.

    1. You’re very welcome! I really do find conferences to be a great way to spark creativity and desire to write! ~Angela

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