Do Not Disturb: Let’s Talk About Distractions

Do Not Disturb: Let's Talk About Distractions

My attention used to be averted every few minutes. A ping from my cellphone. A ding from my computer. A knock at my door.

They all command us to stop and acknowledge something else, which ruins our creative flow.

Ah, flow. It’s the zone of productivity where time ceases to exist and we’re so engrossed in a task that nothing around us can break through our determination and creativity.

We all need more of that.

Like you, and many others, we love discovering productivity tips. I’ve written about them many times both here and for my marketing clients. But, I’d like to shift the focus just a bit today.

Instead of productivity, we should identify distractions. After reading this, be hyper-aware of all the little things that pull you away from what you want to focus on.

Can you silence them?

I just got a new iPhone and the Do Not Disturb button is my new best friend. I’m making it a habit to tap that little moon icon each time I tackle a writing project or related task.

So far, I’m more focused than ever. Ah, flow.

And yes, those emails, social media notifications and text messages can wait just a bit longer — until I’m ready to give them the undivided attention they deserve.

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