Do the Work: Stop Hoping and Start Connecting, Pitching and Writing

Do the Work: Stop Hoping and Start Connecting, Pitching and Writing

If I could summarize the number one take away from the hundreds of posts on this website that relate to landing, finding and crushing freelance writing it’s this: Do the work.

It takes daily effort to turn this into a profitable, successful venture.

When I chat with colleagues and readers, I often notice raised eyebrows and confusion when I mention that I market myself and the projects I complete for clients every single day, in addition to the research, writing and editing work I have mapped out, hour by hour. Why? I’m continually filling my calendar with writing projects to fuel my income as a small business owner.

Bottom line: I do the work.

It takes hours each week of brainstorming and pitching story ideas; reviewing client guidelines and content hubs; writing posts, taking photos and engaging authentically on social media as well as nurturing relationships with editors, publishers and my amazing audience.

Being a self-employed, freelance writer is so much more than crafting copy each day.

If you’re feeling like this is a bit of a reality check, it is. I’m glad you’re here working to improve your process and potential. So, let’s check in.

This week have you…

  • Read multiple articles or posts on a website you’d like to write for, then dug deep to find their article submission guidelines or a contact link where you can ask how they partner with writers?
  • Made a list of topics you’d like to write about for that dream client, turned them into article pitches and sent them off to get the ball rolling on a possible collaboration?
  • Left a thoughtful comment on a social media post of an agency, publisher or brand that shows your eloquence with words and passion for the topic being discussed?
  • Shared social media posts that lets your audience know you’re available for hire, what topics you write about, the type of writing you do and how to contact you easily?

Do these tasks scare you? I get it. Any of these could result in rejection, harsh words or the worst…silence.

Over the years I’ve learned to brush those reactions off and focus on what I want out of this adventure, and that’s to make a living doing what I love. If one project falls through, there is always another coming along. Always.

Are you ready to do the work? They always say in business you have to invest money to make money. Well, in freelance writing you have to invest time to earn the paid projects.

I’d love to know what actions you took this week to move your writing aspirations forward. Did you draft 5,000 words? Did you finally email that publication? Did you set up a portfolio with a marketing platform? Did you sign-up for a writing course? Did you join a freelance jobs list?

I want to know in the comments below. We’re in this together and I’m ready to cheer for your wins! Now, go do the work!

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