Finding Your Creative Cadence (A Peek at My Writing Flow)

Finding Your Creative Cadence (A Peek at My Writing Flow)

I used to think I had to run my business like all the others. Be at my desk 9-to-5. Work 8 to 10 hours.

Grind, grind, grind.

Then it was glaringly apparent that being a writer and putting my thoughts into words doesn’t always happen when I have time blocked out for writing.

Although I have a schedule, it’s not the typical four hours, lunch and another four to go. Instead, I work in short segments of 2 to 3 hours spaced out with yoga classes, reading, naps, pet snuggles, snack breaks and time outdoors in nature.

Do you have a similar workflow?

Today I started at 4:00am because my dog needed to go outside to potty and I was fully awake after the morning jaunt.

Why lie in bed when ideas are flowing?

My creative streak wanes if I’ve been at my keyboard for more than a few hours. Instead of lingering, spinning my wheels and wondering where the day went, I try to focus my energy on writing when I’m fresh and focused, then allow myself time to rest and reenergize when I feel my battery draining.

How you refresh your ideas and inspiration may be different. Maybe you like to try a new recipe in the kitchen, cuddle with a pet, play a video game, go for a walk or play an instrument.

Do whatever you need to feel balanced.

You can’t deplete, deplete, deplete and expect to keep the creative juices flowing.

And with that, I’m logging off the computer for the day and enjoying some time at the local wellness center for a journey circle and massage!

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