From My Desk: Here’s What Content Marketing Clients Are Asking Me to Write in the Age of AI Content Creation

From My Desk: Here's What Content Marketing Clients Are Asking Me to Write in the Age of AI Content Creation

We’re a good year and a half into the great freak-out of freelancing. Yes, I’m talking about AI. At the start of 2023, every freelance-focused conversation on social media hypothesized about the impending doom that artificial intelligence would have on our little creative corners of the Internet.

It’s been a bumpy ride, for sure.

But, this summer, I’m seeing less worry. It feels like marketers and publishers have found productive uses for AI. I firmly support the use of AI for many content creation purposes including:

  • Topic ideation
  • Headline drafting
  • Outline creation
  • Background research starting points

However, I’ve never been, and never will be, a fan of using AI for end-to-end content creation. All content published should be drafted, reviewed, edited and polished by a human. All. And I’ll even go a step further and say that the best content online was never drafted by AI. Sure, AI can be used to create foundational steps, but the most engaging, eloquent and insightful content out there will be created by the human mind.

In this post, I’m pulling back the curtain on what’s been happening at my desk since the introduction of AI. Like many freelance writers, I’ve also experienced an ebb and flow in work. Some clients have dropped so they can focus on drafting content with AI and hitting the publish button. That’s fine. Why? Because the companies and brands that I want to work with, and who appreciate my journalism skills, are rising to the top of my writing calendar.

Freelance work is getting better, my friends.

I am noticing a shift to creating content that truly speaks to people (not just perceived personas) by using interviews, quotes, first-person thinking and essay writing. We’re getting back to old-school writing principles learned back in my college news writing courses.

It feels good.

Marketers, go ahead and steal these content type ideas (and hit me up if you need help with the drafts!).

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Here’s What I’m Writing in the Age of AI as a Freelance Content Marketing Writer

I’m focusing on creating content that AI can’t assemble. And, clients are asking for it. The top content types I’m being commissioned to write in 2024 include:

1. Reported Articles With Quotes

This classic newspaper or magazine-style journalism is often called “brand journalism” in the marketing space. The bulk of the tips or information shared in the content is gleaned from expert interviews.

The content (articles, blog posts, ebooks, social posts, newsletter articles, etc.) is then written with first-hand information from the experts via quotes and summaries of their insights. This approach generates new ideas and text that isn’t found anywhere else online.

2.  First-Person Stories and Essays

There’s nothing more relatable and moving than reading something written by a passionate person, customer or user of your product/service.

I love sharing my personal and business experiences online because it’s relatable to my readers. They feel “seen” and not alone when they too are experiencing what I’ve been through.

AI can’t look into anyone’s brain and re-tell their experiences, complete with raw emotions, lessons learned and helpful takeaways.

3. Employee Bios and Business Profiles

Have you ever asked an AI prompt “Who is {your name}? Try it. The first time I did, the write-up was about 20 percent accurate. I sure hope that if someone wants to mention me in an article they’d go to my website for details or ask me directly, not an AI prompt.

Some businesses share employee bios, profiles or feature stories on their About Pages or company blogs. I enjoy writing this content because the only way to craft it well is to have a conversation with the person being featured. I enjoy the chat and then writing up a piece that shines a light on the person’s talents, experience and background. AI just can’t do that.

4. Customer Success Stories / Testimonials

Much like the employee bios and profiles, customer success stories will always have to be crafted by a human. These testimonials are basically lengthy, glorified reviews of a company’s products or services from a first-hand perspective.

This type of content is a joy to write because I not only get to talk with a satisfied customer and really learn how the product or service works for them, but I also get to hear how it solved a problem for them. This information is interesting and insightful for future consumers to learn too!

Again, AI can’t know what’s in someone’s mind and how they feel about a product or service. This writing can only be done by a human.

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5. And Finally…Content Pitches

More than ever, my content marketing clients are reaching out to me to think about new ideas for their publications. They are asking my brain to come up with ideas, not an AI prompt.

I love this because I can propose ideas that I want to write about, allow me to learn new things and simply make my time at my desk even more enjoyable.

Writing Online in 2024

Has your content marketing strategy, writing and content output changed dramatically since the introduction of AI in the writing space? You’re not alone. I’m hearing from writers and creatives of all types (think social media strategists, newspaper writers, freelance photographers, and more). The majority of them are discovering their clients want content created by a human.

If you’d like me to chat more about AI in the publishing space, or how content marketing writing is evolving, let me know! I’m always happy to add new ideas to my topics list for the Web Writing Advice blog.

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