Get More Writing Jobs By Pitching Article Ideas

Get More Writing Jobs By Pitching Article Ideas #WebWritingAdviceWrite what you want.

It’s what we all dream of as creators, especially when getting bogged down in generalized ho-hum writing assignments. Imagine digging into topics that bring you joy and getting paid for it! It is possible.

I challenge you to start pitching current and I-would-love-to-write-for clients with article topics and see what happens.

In my experience, relationships and paychecks will grow.

I spend time pitching each week. I just finished an in-depth guide to pitching and shared several examples directly from my desktop in an article for ClearVoice titled, “The Pitching Game: 4 Freelance Pitch Examples + Pitching Template [Free Download].”

I know you’re thinking that you really don’t have time to create ideas and send them off with hopes of getting an assignment, but let me try to persuade you.

Pitching: 5 Reasons Why Every Writer Should Do It

1. Pitching shows initiative.

Every publisher wants to work with a writer who is a self-starter and gets things done on time. You are instantly proving your reliability and genuine interest by making the first move. A well-composed idea that addresses the client’s needs is definitely memorable.

2. Pitching allows for creativity.

As I mentioned at the start of this post, you can finally write about the topics you want to explore. Find an angle within the publishers niche and run with it. You might unearth a tangent they haven’t thought of before and score some major Brownie points! (Fun Fact: I was a Brownie, that’s a pre-Girl Scout, as a child!)

3. Pitching boosts your income.

Earlier this spring I had a month that just wasn’t panning out. A few interviews got rescheduled and the planned income from the resulting articles also got put on the back burner. I needed to fill my calendar. So, I started pitching. The next week I had seven pitches accepted. If you ask for work, you will get it eventually.

4. Pitching makes scheduling easier.

Since I write full time, it’s pretty easy for me to add projects to my calendar. But for those who write on the side and hold down a full-time job, or have other obligations, it can be incredibly difficult to juggle it all. If you get into the habit of pitching, you can send out fewer ideas when you have a busy schedule, or ramp up your efforts when you need more income or have extra time to write.

5. Pitching grows relationships.

If there’s a magazine, newspaper, blog or website you really want to write for, look up their contributor guidelines. Study them. Then, send off a pitch that matches their requirements. This is one of the best ways to get noticed by a potential client. And, pitching current clients show your continued interest both in writing for them and the publication’s needs. Win-win.

Want to know more about pitching? I’ll be chatting on Facebook Live on Monday, August 28, 2017 at 1pm CST with Meagan DeMenna from ClearVoice. Join me!

UPDATED on August 29, 2017: Here’s a LINK to the video!

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