Giving Thanks for Blogging, Social Media and the Need for Words

Giving Thanks for Blogging, Social Media and the Need for Words

Across the country, nobody is feeling guilty about eating a second or third piece of pie today.

Hello, Thanksgiving! It’s a time to feast, visit with the people you love and express a little gratitude.

This winter, I’m thankful to celebrate seven and a half years as a full-time freelance writer. It’s been a long, winding road filled with accolades and misfortunes, both bringing clarity and vision to improve my craft.

I’m dedicated to my work in marketing and journalism. I make a living writing blog posts, social media updates, static web page text and white papers for businesses. I’m also lucky enough to draw on my background in the print media to tackle journalistic articles for magazines and newspapers.

I’m thankful publishers and marketing agencies need words. More specifically, they need words creatively arranged and delivered on deadline by writers with passion and talent. Each time I’m selected for a project, I’m honored.

Today, however, I’m leaving my keyboard idle the rest of the day.

My husband and I are headed north to spend the holiday with his parents. We are both thankful for their involvement in our lives and that we are able to share a meal together.

I hope you’re also taking time to fill your heart with love and gratitude. Happy Thanksgiving!

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