Greetings from #Forward17: 3 Bonus Social Media Tips from Angela Tague

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Greetings from #Forward17: 3 Bonus Social Media Tips from Angela Tague

Today I’m in Boston! I’m both attending and speaking at Skyword’s digital marketing conference, #Forward17.

If you’re at the conference too, be sure to check out the 10:15am session, “Brands and Their Contributors: Working Together to Build a Cohesive Social Media Presence”.

I’ll join Bridget Burns, Social Media Strategist for Tom’s of Maine; Lauren DiZazzo, Associate Community Manager at Skyword; Christine Kayser, Senior Content Strategist at Skyword and hundreds of marketers, brand representatives, photographers, writers, designers, videographers and other creative folks for an incredible discussion.

We’ll be chatting about prioritizing social media tasks, triggering engagement, nurturing the relationship between brands and content creators and many more topics, but I don’t want to share too much just yet!

For those of you who aren’t able to attend, I’ll be live tweeting from the event and posting to Facebook at Angela Tague Journalist/Writer. And, if you’re nose deep in your own content creation and are reading this after the event, I will do follow-up posts on social media and here at Web Writing Advice.

Now, Let’s Get Social!

To hold you over, here are some quick bonus tips you can test out in the next few days to polish your special media presence and get readers chatting!

  1. Try a new approach. Social media is no longer defined by quick text updates. Break out of your usual zone and experiment with Facebook Live (I need to do this!), share clusters of images on Twitter and try the horizontal crop on Instagram. Trying new things makes your posts fresh, eye-catching and unexpected!
  2. Chat off the cuff. Social media should be social. Sometimes I like to post randomly and converse with my audience beyond replying to questions or tweets. If every single post is planned, scheduled, optimized, edited and approved before it goes live, take a deep breath. You can be spontaneous, and most likely, your audience will love it. Show something behind-the-scenes, tease a new product launch or do a quick selfie and introduce yourself. I love meeting the people behind the screen!
  3. Be consistent. Your business-focused social media feeds should reflect your professional values, products, services and overall brand strategy. Be consistent in your messaging and stay on topic. Posting a picture of your cool food truck lunch isn’t exactly helpful, unless you sell food items that are featured in the meal or are promoting an outdoor food event. Create a line between personal posts and business posts. Although I’m a lifestyle blogger, and share personal information in posts for my clients and on my blog, I’m very strategic about how much information goes out, and when.

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