Grow (And Retain) Your Audience by Being Predictable

Grow (And Retain) Your Audience by Being Predictable

Each morning I look forward to one specific email.

It comes from a lifestyle blogger who does everything I wish I was making more time to do. Sewing, shopping, cooking, hosting parties, posting photos of her family playing at the park. She’s practical, insightful, ambitious and making a living from her personal blog. (I’m a tad envious.)

Each morning her blog post notification lands in my inbox just about the time I need to take a short writing break. Perfect. I can count on her to give me outfit ideas, make me laugh or tip me off to the latest online sale.

So, what’s the best thing about her blog post notification emails? They’re consistent. She’s predictable. I can count on her.

Can your readers count on you? If you want to grow your audience and turn them into faithful followers, you have to be consistent and predictable. So, how do you do that?

Post to your blog regularly. If you post whenever you feel like it, you might lose readers who haven’t heard from you in days or weeks. Set up a schedule and plan to post on the same day each week or at the same time each day. Find a rhythm. Stick to it so your readers know when to expect to hear from you. For example, I publish a new post to this blog every Thursday morning.

How are you working to grow and retain your blog audience? Tell me in the comments below!

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