Has the Facebook Investigation Jolted Your Marketing Strategy?

Has the Facebook Investigation Jolted Your Marketing Strategy?

This week I’m consumed with Facebook.

I’m revising my social media marketing and influencer marketing strategy to keep my freelance writer paychecks flowing while the Federal Trade Commission (FTC) investigates the publishing platform for deceptive practices.

If you’re not sure what I’m talking about, take a look at these recent headlines:

Now that you’re up to speed, here’s my personal quandary and one that you may soon face too as a marketing strategist, content creator or brand representative.

Social Media Isn’t Mindless Entertainment

I need Facebook. Posting to this social media platform is often a contractual requirement in my content creation contracts.

No post, no paycheck.

This week I applied for an influencer marketing campaign with a brand name food company that is promoting a healthy, gluten-free lifestyle. I have the values, goals and mindset of the target audience this brand it hoping to connect with, including a robust social media following of health-focused readers.

As I clicked submit on the application, I paused at the social media sharing requirements, which included Facebook. Do I continue to apply for these projects, knowing my personal security and privacy are potentially being compromised? (Like many, I’m awaiting results of the Federal Trade Commission (FTC) investigation.)

I’m sure other writers and content creators are feeling this confusion too.

A Shift In Marketing Outreach?

On the flip side, are marketing, influencer and ad agencies going to start funneling their Facebook campaign dollars into other social platforms, like Twitter  or Pinterest? Should they?

Would a strategy shift keep top influencers interested in partnerships while the dust settles on this investigation?

And what do brands think about all of this? Are they losing viewers as Facebook users decline?

Are they concerned about the privacy of their fans and social media management teams who are logging into the platform to post and engage with readers? (When I update my business Pages on Facebook, I have to log in to my personal account to access the Pages.)

I wish I owned a crystal ball. I’ve removed Facebook from my cellphone to restrict access to my personal call logs, photographs and text messages. I’ve updated the security settings on the desktop platform, deleted most third-party app partnerships and tightened everything possible.  

For now, I’m revising my social media strategy because we all know this story isn’t over. More details will emerge. I’m keeping my head down and hands on the keyboard.

I’d love to hear your thoughts on the current Facebook situation as it relates to content marketing and influencer marketing. Please comment below or chime in on this Twitter or LinkedIn thread.



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