Hey Marketer, Writers Can Draft More Than Blog Posts

The freelance writers on your roster can likely do so much more than write blog posts! Sure, many of us are whizzes at listicles and how-tos, but if you have other content needs, please ask.

We’d love to lighten your workload and challenge our creative minds.

One digital marketing agency I collaborate with regularly reached out last week for assistance generating buyer personas. After being on the consumption end of these essential content marketing documents for so many years, sure, I knew I could write those too. All I needed were the tools and guidelines. Then, creativity.

As a former print-media journalist turned content marketing writer, my words have always focused on facts, interviews and statistics. I’ve penned creative analogy-based intros and an imaginative poem or two in my day, but fiction has never been my bread and butter.

Let me tell you how refreshing it was to create those buyer personas!

It felt like developing characters for a novel, but we all know the end publication will be a brand’s website and social feeds. I delved into the minds of the consumers, discovered what’s in their Amazon shopping carts and how they spend their weekends. I reflected on their goals and frustrations. I gave them a voice!

Bottom line: My right brain is craving more of this type of work. Universe, make it happen! (Yes, I believe in manifesting, vision boards and all that fun woo woo stuff. It works.)

The takeaway: Ask for and offer content writing projects beyond your usual repertoire. You may discover a new service to offer, a content task to outsource or simply a refreshing moment at your keyboard to break up the everyday task load.

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