Hey, Writer! No Topic is Too Simple

Hey, Writer: No Topic is Too Simple

While making dinner last night, my husband joked that he felt stupid Googling “How to make hard-boiled eggs”. He has prepared this type of eggs dozens of times, but never gets consistent results.

This time, he wanted to find a recipe that ensured his success.

Hello, Google.

After a quick search and a carefully timed pot of boiling water, he has a dozen high-protein snacks ready to go for the next several days. He even stopped by my desk to show off his handy work.

He’s happy.

The answer he needed was incredibly common and simple. Thankfully a foodie blogger took the time to write about this topic, even though it seems so common.

Don’t second guess yourself.

If you’re brainstorming writing topics and wonder if an idea is too basic, write it. If it’s a popular topic and you haven’t penned your ideas or approach, now is the time.

Why? Your audience might be looking for that answer from you.

This is the same reason I’ve crafted entry-level posts here on Web Writing Advice including:

These posts serve as cornerstones of information for my writing blog geared at those who work in the content marketing industry, from writers to strategists.

Everyone has to start somewhere, so why not here?

What key industry or niche topics could you explain to your readers? What simple topics have you been overlooking? How can you better serve your audience?

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