Hooked, Then Dumped: A Failed Sales Story

Hooked, Then Dumped: A Failed Sales Story

I stumbled across a new service online that promised to elevate my content creation. After playing with the features for a while, I was getting the hang of it.

Intuitive. Helpful. Eye-catching. I was intrigued.

After less than 30 minutes, I started deciding how I could implement this service into my workflow. Basically, I was sold.

Then, I had a question.

I reached out for further guidance via email. I had chatted with a gal from the company a few times prior, so I knew I was sending a message directly to a person, not an unmonitored inbox.

She wasn’t sure of the answer, so she CC’ed me on a message to the person who would know.


Then, nothing. No reply. No follow-up. It’s been three weeks, and I still haven’t heard from either contact.

However, their email list autoresponder messages pop in like clockwork each week.

If I do hear from them directly, I will mention that I loved their service. It hooked me almost immediately and I would have a regular, ongoing use for it. So, would many of my colleagues who I would have recommended it to. The service is well-designed and saves time.

But, I won’t be using it or buying a subscription.

They missed the mark in landing me as a customer. Their product was fabulous, but their customer service was almost non-existent.

I felt reeled in, then dumped.

Lesson: Your product or service is only as good as how you treat your customers. Be kind, and make sales.

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Note: This post was last updated on January 30, 2023.

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