How My Personal Blog Bolsters My Writing Business

How My Personal Blog Bolsters My Writing Business

I had no idea random recipes and musing on wellness would turn into paid writing work. But, it did.

Just about eight years ago I launched a lifestyle blog focused on enjoying whole foods. It was my motivator to stay on track with a dietary overhaul to accommodate some personal health issues. I posted pictures of uncommon produce. I shared my transition to a gluten-free diet. I created recipes to share.

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It was personally rewarding.

Relaunch and Revenue

A few years ago I moved to a new web host and launched the blog with a new name and broader focus to include physical, mental and emotional health. Momentum started to build as my readership faithfully followed along with my roller coaster health journey.

With an increase in traffic and interest, I decided to monetize the blog with affiliate partnerships, sponsored posts and paid links. Income from the blog slowly started to grow, but then an unexpected twist happened.

My lifestyle blog became an influential marketing tool.

My Blogging Perk

I started to dig into the WordPress metrics and noticed much of the incoming and outgoing traffic sources were my online portfolios from content marketing platforms. Many of the links that were clicked on my lifestyle blog took readers to client work.

Although it was completely unplanned, my personal lifestyle blog was bolstering my credibility in the health and wellness space, and in turn, generating additional writing opportunities!

I was dumbfounded when I realized my little side writing project would turn into a marketing tool for one of the types of writing I enjoy. But, it did.

Here’s the Lesson

If you want to establish yourself in a specific writing niche or topic, take the initiative to write about it on your own time. This dedication won’t go unnoticed and may eventually land you writing opportunities and affiliate partnerships too.

Today, my lifestyle blog serves as a creative outlet for things I want to personally explore or share with others to help them make healthier decisions in their lives. It’s also a revenue stream in my diversified writing business. In addition to direct affiliate income, I’m indirectly generating income from new marketing clients who chose to work with me in part based on the public body of work that’s out there for them to peruse.

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