How to Use Social Media to Find Freelance Work

How to Use Social Media to Find Freelance Work

There’s one topic that gets lots of love on this blog: Freelance writing jobs. Readers want to know where to find writing jobs, what the assignments are like and how to pitch ideas to publishers.

I get it. Navigating work opportunities on your own is a huge task. There’s no employee manual or HR department to consult. You’re truly paving your own path to writing success each and every day.

So, I’ve been thinking about one of the common, trustworthy ways I’ve been landing freelance writing jobs lately and how the process works. It’s actually very simple. I communicate on social media. Here’s how.

3 Social Media Interactions That Help Land Freelance Writing Jobs

Nurturing relationships and networking with your circle of peers on social media keeps you top-of-mind when they need your services. Here’s what I organically do to keep my content writing calendar full. Please, steal these ideas.

1. Join live chats.

Whether you linger on Facebook Lives or scope out #TwitterChat alerts, take a few minutes out of your day to listen and respond thoughtfully to the questions or ideas presented. Let your personality and expertise shine through as you banter back and forth with the presenter via the chat function.

You never know when your services or background might be perfect for a publisher or marketing strategist following the chat. More than once I’ve had presenters or guests reach out to me on LinkedIn after the live chat to connect, which opens the door to discuss collaborations.

2. Scope out hashtags.

If you haven’t gone down this rabbit hole yet, get ready. It can be time-consuming and lead you in so many directions you’ve never explored before. But, it’s worth it!

I prefer to do this on Twitter and linger at #WritingJobs #JournoRequest #WritingCommunity #BloggersWanted #BloggerJobs and #JournoJobs. The hashtag options are endless. Once you find a few posts that look promising, start a conversation to learn more about the poster’s needs.

3. Engage with businesses.

Is there a specific publication, brand or business you’d love to collaborate with on a writing project? Follow and monitor their feeds. Engage by commenting on their posts with your take on the topic or by asking a question. Make them see you. Let your words inspire and resonate so they remember you!

If you see a campaign or article posted that coincides with your writing services and aspirations, tell them. For example, “Hey, I love your weekly column about environmental sustainability. Would you be open to reading a pitch about my experience volunteering with the local wetlands preservation alliance in my city? I think your readers would both enjoy the story and be inspired to take action in their communities. If I can do this, anyone can!”

Stop passively scrolling. Start engaging on your social media. In just a few minutes you could trigger a conversation that leads to a writing project, and a paycheck. While you’re networking, please say “Hello!” on Twitter or Facebook.

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