How to Write for Your Audience (When You Don’t Know Who They Are)

Writing publicly is tricky. There’s a delicate balance between honoring the author’s voice and appeasing dedicated readers with content they crave and expect from their favorite writers.

But, what if you’re new to writing for others and don’t have readers yet?

Sure you can invest in market research to find people who align on a high level with the subject matter you present. You can invest in sponsored ads to reach these ideal readers. But, what if you don’t have much of a budget? Or, no budget?

That’s where most writers begin, including myself.

Over the years, the topics and interests on my lifestyle blog have ebbed and flowed with my experiences. Each time a new wave of subjects enter the archives, I gain a few more readers. Why? My ideas and insight appeal to them, so they hang out to see what I have to say. It’s a very natural progression.

If you want organic engagement, the key is being authentic.

Let your passion for a topic make your words glow. When you write about something that fuels your personal happiness, readers notice. They feel your positive energy, naturally gravitating to your thoughts and ideas, creating an effortless connection.

Over time, an audience builds.

If you continue to create content filled with honesty, including the celebratory highs and difficult lows of your subject matter, you build trust and camaraderie with your readers. They’re not just following your journey, but become part of it because their feedback and interactions shape your experiences and future content.

Authenticity triggers community.

We all want to feel seen, heard and included. Can your writing create that atmosphere? If so, your audience will build slow and steady on a foundation of venerable storytelling, actionable advice and shared moments.

Then, you’re naturally writing to your audience.

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